Decision to increase the number of passengers at Heathrow Airport London to one lakh

UK :According to a statement issued by United Kingdom London Heathrow Airport the number of departures one day this summer should be limited to 100,000 to limit long queues luggage delays & cancellations. Will

London:Heathrow administration has asked airlines to stop selling tickets for flights that could cause delays.

Decision to increase number of passengers at Heathrow Airport to one lakh

According to news agency LNN  UK Britain busiest airport like the rest of Europe is struggling to cope with  gradual increase in passenger numbers after Corona.

Between 110,000 & 125000 passengers a day departed from London Heathrow Airport between July & August 2019.

Airlines had earlier complied with the British Heathrow administration request to reduce number of passengers but now the airport has asked for a further reduction.

In an open letter Heathrow CEO John Holland Kaye said in a statement on Tuesday: Some airlines have taken significant action but others have not. We believe that to ensure safe & reliable travel for passengers. More action is needed now.

Decision to increase number of passengers at Heathrow Airport to one lakh

Decision to increase number of passengers at Heathrow Airport to one lakh

Therefore we have made a difficult decision to introduce a passenger limit from 12 July to September 11

Netanyahu wants to build ghetto at former airport We acknowledge that this will mean that some summer trips will either be transferred to another airport or canceled and we apologize to them he added. Whose travel plans have-been affected.

According to the London Hub travel limit is in line with other international decisions. In the Netherlands the Sheffield administration has reduced the number of passengers by about 16% compared to 2019 while Frankfurt has reduced the number of flights during peak hours from 104 per hour to 94 flights one hour.

According to Heathrow the average number of seats still going out in summer schedule was 104,000 a day which is 4000 more than that limit.

We are asking our airline partners to stop selling summer tickets to limit mismanagement or its impact on passengers said Heathrow CEO.

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UK British Airways Heathrow Airport largest passenger airline has already canceled thousands of flights this summer due to staff shortages.

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On Monday Heathrow also issued an apology for the long queues of customers and baggage problems in recent weeks blaming staff shortages in all aviation sectors.