By-Election PUNJAB Uptade Continues MA- PP- latest situation 

By-election Election Commission declared Shahbaz Gul allegation of rigging in the by-election as baseled

Punjab by-elections: 100 year old senior citizen & newlywed couple arrive to vote

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI leader Shehbaz Gul has accused start of rigging in the Punjab by-election.

While issuing a statement on Twitter Mr  Shahbaz Gul said that the polling agents of our candidate Moazzam Jatoi in Muzaffargarh were kicked out of polling stations 44 & 46  polling agents of Moazzam Jatoi were not allowed to check the empty boxes & ballot papers.

He wrote that the transparency of Form 46 has been removed now we do not know how many fake votes will be cast at this polling station rigging has started.

Reacting to Shehbaz Gul allegation Election Commissioner Punjab Saeed Gul said that the allegation of expelling polling agents from polling stations in Muzaffargarh is false & the allegations of PTI leader Shehbaz Gul are baseless.

He said that female polling agents sit at female polling stations & male polling agents sit at male polling stations polling agents certified by political parties are allowed to sit polling process should not be made controversial by making allegations without verification.

By-election On the other hand Election Commission spokesperson Haroon Shinwari also said on Shahbaz Gul accusation that PTI Mr Amir Bakhsh is performing his duty at polling station 44 PTI female polling agent has not reached polling station 46 so far. Only authorized polling agents are allowed inside the polling station your information is incorrect.

Punjab Polling is underway for by-elections in 20 constituencies of province Punjab

During the ongoing by-elections in 20 constituencies of  Punjab Assembly a 100year old elderly man & a 70 year old blind man as well as a newly married couple also reached to vote.

In Punjab Assembly Constituency PP 228 Lodhran 5 100 year old elders came to cast their votes along with 100 year old Mr Pir Baksh his son and grandson also came to cast their votes grandfather & grandson cast their votes for  same political party while the son Voted for another political party.

Petition submitted against Imran & Asad for doing live session after election campaign period ended

Polling for by elections in Punjab incidents of clashes & bloodshed Election Commission notice

On the other hand a 70 year old blind man came to cast his vote in DG Khan constituency PP 288 70 year old Haji Puliya Khan cast his vote at the Chhabri Bala polling station.

It should be noted that polling for the by-elections is going on in 20 constituencies of Punjab voting process which started at 8 am will continue till 5 pm without any break.

On the other hand newlywed couple reached to vote at polling station number 27 of PP 228 Lodhran.

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During the conversation with media on this occasion bride said that voting is a national responsibility guests & Walima have left the leader will be good then the future of the nation will be good.