Bushra Bibi alleged audio leak came to light PTI

 Make a statement of treason against the opponents : Bushra Bibi PTI alleged audio leak came to light

An alleged audio of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI Chairman and former Pm Imran Khan wife Bushra Bibi has-been leaked in which she used Imran Khan focal person for digital media  Mr Arsalan Khalid to make a statement against the opponents & launch a campaign to prove them traitors. Giving instructions.

In the alleged audiotape Bushra Bibi is instructing former Prime Minister Imran Khan focal person for digital media Mr Arsalan Khalid on how to make a statement of treason against opponents.

Bushra Bibi alleged audio leak came to light PTI

In the leaked audio Bushra Bibi is allegedly saying Khan Sahib told you to run a hashtag of treason. I have-been getting calls from people that your social media has-been very active for over a week. Not active why is that? You should have-been very active nowadays.

Mr  Arsalan Khalid is former PM Imran Khan focal person for digital media.

Listen Leak Audio :

In the alleged  Leak audio Bushra Bibi can be heard saying Mr Aleem Khan & others like him will talk about me & Khan Sahib. They will also speak against it they will make so much fuss and they will also give testimonies of people but you have not made any issue of it but you have to link them all with treason.

Bushra Bibi alleged audio leak came to light PTI

In the audio Bushra Bibi is heard saying Everything  Mr Aleem Khan and everyone else will say is under planning. You have to link them with treason. You have written a letter on social media allegedly threatening American The letter is to raise the issue that the letter is true they have come together because of treason and they have joined hands with traitors to save themselves & traitors are also external forces & all you know it all.

Bushra BiBi further said that today you have to raise the issue of Russia & not let this issue come down make it a trend that they also know that there is betrayal with Khan & the country.

Bushra Bibi alleged audio leak came to light PTI

Bushra Bibi alleged audio: PTI calls audio of treason trend fake : PTI

An audio recording has-been circulating on Pakistani social media & local media since last night which is claimed to have a voice of former 1st lady & Imran Khan wife Bushra Bibi.

The audio tape which was declared fake by the PTI is said to be in which Bushra Bibi is allegedly instructing Mr Arsalan Khalid the former prime minister Imran khan focal person for digital media to use social media against opponents. Trap hashtags & trends in the media.

Although Dr Arsalan khalid  did not respond to a call from the British news Imran Khan chief of staff Shahbaz Gul called the audiotape a forgery and said: Such fake audio has-been exposed for a long time. There are.

False audio and video production made another false news today he said in a Twitter message. Today again the former first lady tried to make news by playing fake audio tapes.

Meanwhile Punjab Provincial Minister Malik Ahmad Khan who belongs to PML N played the alleged audio of Bushra Bibi during his press conference on Sunday and said We were told that she former first lady is a housewife. Not to be He has tainted the statement of conspiracy and treason.

Where did the alleged audio attributed to Bushra Bibi come from & what is the end of it?

Audio leak 1st surfaced on social media where it was presented in video format under the name of Leaked Audio with pictures of Bushra Bibi on one side and Dr. Arsalan on the other.

The nearly 2 minute audio was posted by certain accounts at around 9pm on Saturday while the  former Pm Imran Khan led PTI was holding a rally at the Parade Ground in Islamabad against inflation and the imported government.
On the audio some social media users claimed that in it Bushra Bibi was giving direct instructions & statements to social media head PTI Arsalan Khalid.

In this audio a woman can be heard saying Khan Sahib told you to use the hashtag of treason." You guys have to be very active these days . All of them have to be linked to treason that they have joined traitors to save themselves.

Traitors are also outside forces & you know them all .. The trend is to make them aware that Malik - Khan are being betrayed.

It is also said that they have a lot to say about me & what she is happy about. You also have to link it so that we know who is committing this betrayal.

Leak Audio :On the other hand in this audio you can hear the voice of a man who is apparently saying yes. Some social media users are of the opinion that these voices Audio  belong to Bushra Bibi & Dr. Arsalan while according to some these are not their voices at all but it is actually an attempt to trap them.

Burshra Bibi Audio Leak

How to find out if an audio is real or fake?

This is not the 1st time that the alleged audio of a key figure in Pakistani politics has come under discussion.

Late last year an alleged audio recording of PML N vice president Maryam Nawaz surfaced on social media, claiming that she had instructed some Pakistani TV channels not to run advertisements. This year businessman Malik Riaz called the alleged audio attributed to him fake & announced legal action against those involved.

During November 2021 former Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Retd Saqib Nisar termed the audio attributed to him as a result of forgery in which the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif & his daughter Maryam Nawaz were heard during conversation. There was talk of putting pressure on the authorities.

Burshra Bibi Audio Leak

PTI leaders have made such claims in the past & a deep fake audio and video campaign has-been launched against them. In such cases question often arises as to how an audio can be proved to be genuine or counterfeit.

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In the alleged leaked audio the former first lady said They have to make a lot of fuss about Farah & me. You also have to link it to treason because we know who is betraying it.

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