Blake Lemoine: Google Fires Engineer Who Hypothesized Artificial Intelligence

 Blake Lemoine: Google Fires Engineer Who Hypothesized Artificial Intelligence AI Emotions

Google has fired 1 of its engineers who it said had feelings for the company artificial intelligence computer system.

Last month Blake Lemoine stated his assumption that Google language technology is sensitive & therefore its wishes should be respected.

Google and several AI experts denied the claim & confirmed on Friday that  engineer had-been fired.

Blake Lemoine: Google Fires Engineer Who Hypothesized Artificial Intelligence

Lemoine told British News he was negotiating a legal settlement but declined to say more.

In a statement Google said that Blake Lemoine claim of  Language Model for Dialog Applications LAMDA  is completely unfounded & that  company has worked with him for several months to clarify it.

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Statement said: Therefore it is regrettable that despite lengthy discussions on this matter Blake still blatantly violated employment & data policies including the protection of product information.

Google says Lambda is a new technology that can engage in free speech. It is a company tool for building chatbots.

Blake Lemoine made headlines last month when he said lambdas exhibit human like consciousness. This has sparked a new debate among AI experts & enthusiasts about development of the technology which is designed to mimic humans.

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Lemoine who has worked for Google responsible AI team told The Washington Post that his job was to test whether the technology used discrimination or hate speech.

They felt that Lambda demonstrated selfawareness & could communicate about religione motions and fears. This led Lemoine to believe that there might be an emotional brain behind his impressive verbal skills.

His findings were rejected by Google & he was placed on unpaid leave for violating the company privacy policy.

Lemoine then published another person conversation with Lambda to support his claims.

In its statement Google said it takes responsible AI development very seriously and has published a report detailing the same. Google added that any employee concerns about the company technology are extensively reviewed Lambda has undergone 11 such reviews.

We wish Blake well statement said .

Lemoine is not the 1st AI engineer to claim that AI technology is becoming more self aware. Also last month another Google employee shared similar views with The Economist.

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