Boat Capsizes Rahim Yar Khan: 20 dead 30 missing after Barati boat capsize Indus river

According to the Rahim Yar Khan authorities 20 people have-been killed after a Barati boat capsized in Indus River in Punjab on Monday.

Punjab Police officials & local people are busy searching for victims who drowned in the Indus River ( Darya-e-Sindh) after a boat capsized on the outskirts of Sadiqabad on 18 July 2022. AFP

Barati boat capsize 20 dead 30 missing Rahim Yar Khan

According to the PUNJAB authorities 20 people most of whom are women have died after a Barati boat overturned in Indus River in Punjab on Monday while 30 people are missing in this accident.

According to the official statement the boat was carrying more than 100 people & they were on their way to attend a wedding ceremony when the accident occurred in Sadiqabad district.

Barati boat capsize 20 dead 30 missing Rahim Yar Khan

Barati boat capsize 20 dead 30 missing Rahim Yar Khan

Statement added that divers rescued around 90 people from drowning.

It has-been further reported by the Reuters news agency that most of women & children were on board the boat. All the people in the boat belonged to the same tribe.

Government official  Mr Aslam Taslim told local News channel Report  that we have recovered 20 bodies so far. He said that around 30 more people are missing As yet.

We are not sure how many people were actually on board the boat the official said. We are only guessing based on statements of the family members.

About 35 divers from the government rescue service participated in the search & rescue operation for more people in the river the statement said.

It seems that most of those who drowned were women because most of men knew how to swim Punjab police officer Mohammad Hamad said according to the AFP news agency adding that the death toll could rise.

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Villagers in rural areas of Pakistan often still use boats for travel as it is expensive to travel in vehicles on dilapidated roads that are often far from their homes.