Charles Laker overcame Max Versatpan to win the Austrian Grand Prix re entering  championship race

Austrian Grand Prix :Charles Laker defeated Max Verstappen to win Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday and withdrew to  Formula 1 Drivers Championship.

This was not easy for the Ferrari driver as he had to overtake Red Bull Verstapan 03 times in April to claim his 1st place on the podium after Australian GP.

Austrian Grand Prix :Charles Laker overcame Max Versatpan to win

Despite problems with its throttle near the end of  race Leclerc managed to hold on for 1.532 seconds ahead of second place.

Victory marks the end of a stale farm race 4 the 24 year old who has been off the podium in the last 5 races.

It reduced Worstopen lead at the top of the Drivers Championship standings to 38 points as Ferrari driver moved up to second behind Red Bull Sergio Perez.

After race Lakerk emphasized how important victory was to him.

It was a really good race said a relief writer. The speed will get stuck at 20 or 30% throttle so it was very difficult but we managed to stick to it till the end & I am very happy.

I definitely needed it. I mean the last 05 races have-been incredibly difficult for me & obviously for the team finally to show that we have the speed of the car and we It's incredible so we need to move on until it's over.

Austrian Grand Prix :Charles Laker overcame Max Versatpan to win

Austrian Grand Prix :Charles Laker overcame Max Versatpan to win

It could have-been a Ferrari 01 ⁰² very well but as the race drew to a close with 14 laps Carlos Sanz car caught fire due to an engine malfunction which ended his race prematurely. Done.

It's hard to find the right words Sens wrote on Twitter. Congratulations to Charles We will keep pushing.

Despite the return of thousands of Dutch fans Verstappen was unable to claim a third straight victory in the Red Bull ring but Lakers pace was too high for him.

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07 time world champion Lewis Hamilton benefited from Sanchez's retirement as he moved from fourth to third.

Despite a strong start to the season this is the 37 year old 3rd consecutive podium finish as he improved from his starting position in the 8th position.