83 Samrat Prithviraj : Why are big Bollywood movies failing at box office?

Bollywood is  largest Movie industry in the world producing the highest number of films annually.

Even after 2 years of the Corona epidemic Bollywood is facing difficulties. The crowded cinema halls before the start of the Corona epidemic are now unable to fulfill the expectations of watching after the epidemic & the Film industry has suffered a loss of crores of rupees so far.

83 Samrat Prithviraj big Bollywood movies Failing box office

Moviegoers have become more conscious about where they are spending their money.

Box office statistics show that Fifteen of the 20 notable Hindi films released in the 1st 6 months of this year have flopped at the box office.

They also include the Movie of the India biggest superstars. Like Ranveer Singh's 83 & Jayesh Bhai Zordaar Akshay Kumar Samrat Prithviraj & Bachchan Pandey & Kangana Ranaut Dhakar.

Joginder Toteja who has a special eye on the Movie business says that these films have lost around 700 to 900 crores.

Toteja believes that if  situation continues the total revenue of cinema halls this year will not exceed $455million. It should be noted that in the year 2019 the Movie earned about 555 million dollars at the box office.

Why are movies flopping at box office?

1 of the reasons for the poor performance of Movie can be their poor content.

According to a report by MK  World Global Financial Services There was a time when big stars despite weak content drew audiences to the cinema halls based on their fan following the films earned well. But with the passage of time the preference of viewers has changed. & they are paying more attention to the content of the film.

But filmmakers are unable to understand why even the medium budget & serious subject films which were running at the box office before covid are not doing well post covid.

Mr Bhushan Kumar owner of T Series 1 of the country largest film studios says that audiences now want both good content & big actors in a Movie.

Mr Bhushan Kumar produced horrorcomedy Bhool Bholiya 2 has-been one of the highest grossing films of year.

Yet he admits that filmmakers are in a dilemma. Due to the constant failure of films at the box office they are-not able to understand what kind of films will appeal to the audience.

Many producers like Bhushan Kumar are facing difficulties due to the changing preferences of the audience. With the reach of streaming platforms & increasing distance of people from theatres it is more difficult than ever to make a film a success at the box office. On top of that Covid has worsened the situation.

Mr Kumar believes that the average budget of a Movie has increased by Ten to 15 percent due to extended release dates cancellations and covid protocols. At the same time tickets have-become more expensive theater capacity has decreased & many screens have-been closed permanently during the pandemic.

According to MK Global World the anti Bollywood social media campaign amid accusations of nepotism & hurting religious sentiments has also taken a heavy toll on the film industry although it is difficult to quantify the extent of the damage.

South Indian Movie take over the box office

Traditionally films made in South India do well in their respective regions.

But for some time now, the popularity of Hindi dubbed versions of these films has increased in the Hindi belt.

These films have done very well here & are at par with Bollywood films in terms of box office collections. South action packed films like KFG: Chapter 2 RRR  & Pushpa.

Experts believe that Hindi films made in Mumbai studios lack the lavish sets catchy songs & slow motion sequences of South blockbusters.

On the growing popularity of South films in the country Movie critic Suchrita Tyagi says If I go to a cinema hall now I want a different kind of experience like I'm on an interesting journey.

During the pandemic many non Hindi South Indian films were found on streaming platforms by people sitting at home because when you are at home you get bored of Hindi films after a while.

But analysts do not call this trend reliable. As MK Global reported Regional films South & non South generally have little impact outside their traditional markets.

With no major regional releases in the second half of this year Hindi films will be responsible for maintaining the health of the box office.

83 Samrat Prithviraj big Bollywood movies Failing box office

83 Samrat Prithviraj big Bollywood movies Failing box office

What will the future hold ?

Bollywood is now looking forward to the release of much awaited films like Lal Singh Chadha the Hindi remake of Forest Gum & Ranbir Kapoor action drama Shamsheera to make up for the second half losses. .

83 Samrat Prithviraj big Bollywood movies Failing box office

With more films releasing in the second half than the 1st half of the year box office collections are expected to rise to pre Covid levels.

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No one wants to write that the days of watching movies on the big screen are over but analysts agree that the growing popularity of streaming platforms among people & the changing nature of viewership has undoubtedly affected the business.