What is DNS and can this centralization fill the life of a Pakistani internet user?

DNS Domain Name System: In Pakistan discussions on access to the Internet restrictions on its content & privacy concerns are commonplace but for the past few days term DNS  Domain Name System has been echoing here.

This is due to the publication of a number of news items claiming that PTA Pakistan Telecommunications Authority  is considering implementing a centralized Domain Name System DNS control policy in Pakistan which is being pursued by digital rights activists. It has been described by activists as an attack on the structure of the Internet.

What is DNS and can this

How ever an explanatory statement from the PTA on Tuesday stated that Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA has implemented an automated system to block illegal content under Section 37 of PECA.

We have not implemented a centralized DNS control where the resolution will be centralized but all resolutions will be at  level of Internet Service Providers ISP the statement said.

Conversation began with a report in the Dawn newspaper Agancy which claimed differences between the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA & the ISPs over centralized Domain Name System DNS control.

What is DNS and can this

What is DNS and can this

According to the report Internet Service Providers ISP had reservations about the policy affecting internet services & increasing costs involved.

PTA statement also claimed that this step has been taken after consultation & extensive deliberation with Pakistan ISP.

This latest development will-not affect the prices of internet services will-not slow down the internet nor will it affect privacy of citizens.

However after an analysis published in  Dawn newspaper Agancy a detailed rebuttal was issued by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA which rejected all the claims made in this column.

Despite PTA denials in this regard most people on social media are asking questions about it & want to know if such a policy is implemented what would be the impact on the average consumer.

What is DNS Domain Name System ?

Mr Kamran Khan Information Technology IT Senior Manager at Algazar Technology has given details about DNS the meaning of which is being explained.

Whenever a website is registered it is given an IP address in numeric form like

There are currently billions of such addresses. In such cases, for the convenience of the general user it is given a name which is called Mapping Domain Name System DNS .

Think of it as a phone directory that contains the names and numbers of several people. For example Google. com IP address is 165 181 250 142 . Now obviously remembering this number makes it easier to remember Google.com.

This means that you will not know the IP address of website whose address you have entered in the search bar however you can call it the language spoken between  networks or the PO box number of the websites. ۔

What is meant by DNS Domain Name System centralized control?

Now if you understand this very complex term then you know from Mr Kamran Khan what is meant by its centralized control.

Understand that if Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA has to block any website it has to take its request and go to ISPs which will prevent it from finding its IP address from DNS server. Are

In other words if Twitter.com is banned in the country then when you type its URL in the browser  Domain Name System DNS server will not find its IP address. This will not be the IP address the website will not open.

However due to centralized Domain Name System DNS contro  PTA allegedly wants to take over this power as well ie a single central DNS server that caters to the IP addresses of all such applications.

If PTA did not implement it then what is the problem?

PTA Pakistan Telecommunications Authority issued the rebuttal following an analysis in Dawn by Osama Khilji co founder of digital rights activist Bolo Bhi.

Speaking to the British news he claimed that the meeting convened by Pakistan Telecommunications Authority PTA on June 1 which was attended by all the telecom operators of the country, was not only about centralized DNS Domain Name System control. There has even been talk of blocking global  Domain Name System DNS servers.

If such a thing is not being thought of then why are meetings being convened & this issue has-been raised by  Internet Service Providers ISP before me.

However the question is if the PTA has issued a denial then what is the problem?

Speaking on the occasion Mr Shehzad Ahmed of Bytes for All a digital rights organization said Knowing how the PTA Pakistan Telecommunications Authority works & it does not make people friendly decisions we can never trust it.

If they are saying today that this is not going to happen then they cannot be trusted whether they will do it in a week or so because we do not know he said.

He cited the alleged use of web filtration software by PTA.

PTA has-been accused of using Internet filtration software in the past but the company has never formally confirmed any such agreement or purchase of software.

How ever Shehzad founder of Bytes for All claims that apart from sending lists to Internet Service Providers ISP PTA pakistan Telecommunications Authority also tries to control the Internet by using these filtration software.

Would any such possible move cause problems in using  internet?

Users are also worried that they will not have to leave a website permanently thanks to this new initiative.

This is not the case with Mr Shehzad Malik he says whatever they want to do people have options people will continue to use it and bypass it.

They blocked things before so people used VPNs.

If the PTA bases its policies on national security insulting material or religious material then what can we expect from them?

The role of the PTA is to improve the existing services to ensure the provision of internet to the people. This is not their focus.

I do not think it makes any difference. We ve been telling them since 2010 that you can't control the internet said  mr Shehzad Ahmed.

You need to focus on the responsible use of the Internet & not start banning everything he said.


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Mr Kamran Khan also agrees with Shehzad that it is not possible to impose a complete ban on content despite centralized Domain Name System DNS control.

A large part of the Internet where such illegal activities take place is hidden from our view&  the Internet in front of our eyes is already monitored if it is to be banned he says. So people will use VPNs.

The extent to which internet access will be limited in Pakistan also depends on the PTAs intentions.