Violent protests against Indian Army Agni Path scheme several trains set on fire

India scheme : Protesters set fire to several trains in Indian states of  Haryana  Bihar & Madhya Pradesh. 

New Delhi India Agni Path scheme: Protests erupted in India over the new recruitment system.

Violent protests against Indian Army Agni Path program

According to a foreign news agency protesters in Indian states of Bihar Haryana & Madhya Pradesh set fire to several trains and Houses Of Government.

In Bihar protesters tried to enter government buildings  Houses & set fire to a BJP office in the city of Nevada Bihar India. Police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters Peoples.

Violent protests against Indian Army Agni Path program

Agni Path scheme : Why is there a siege & commotion over the new recruitment scheme in  Indian Army?

Violent protests against Indian Army Agni Path program

Protests are taking place in India over the recruitment of soldiers in the army for a specified period under a new reform scheme.

Protesters in the northern Indian state of Bihar burned tires and blocked major highways on Thursday. The protesters are demanding the withdrawal of government reforms.

There were also areas where police fired tear gas shells at protesters as they clashed with police.

The Agni Path or Path of Fire program which was unveiled on Thursday aims to recruit young people between the ages of 17 & 21.

Successful candidates will be recruited into the Army for four years. Later 25% of them will continue to work.

The move is aimed at reducing military spending on salaries & pensions which account for more than half of the budget.

The government says it will also increase youth representation in the military. But young people say the scheme is a hoax not aimed at creating jobs and other opportunities.

Protesters chanted Give us jobs or kill us on Wednesday.

The scheme has also been criticized by several military generals & defense experts. He says it could weaken the military structure and have serious implications for national security even at a time when India has tensions on its borders with its two neighbors Pakistan and China. ۔

This is a foolish move something that could affect the performance of security forces said Maj. Gen. Shannon Singh.

He says saving money is a good thing, but it should not be at the expense of the defense forces. If you go to war with an experienced soldier would someone with 4 years of experience be able to replace you in the event of his death these things do not work out that way. 

Agni Path scheme was inaugurated by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

India which has a large army on its border with Pakistan is now facing a tense situation with China on its Himalayan border as well. The Indian Army is one of the largest armies in the world. The army numbers 1.4 million and millions of people apply for recruitment every year.

About 60,000 people retire from the Indian Army every year and are replaced by new recruits but recruitment in India has-been stagnant for the past few years.

Authorities blame the outbreak on an epidemic but experts say the military is struggling with resources & is working to modernize it.

According to reports 46,000 soldiers will be recruited under the Agni Path scheme.

Agni path :According to reports additional police personnel have been deployed at the railway stations in Bihar while 2 dozen trains have-been canceled due to tension.

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In Haryana protesters pelted stones at the homes of government officials after which mobile & internet services were suspended in Palwal district.

According to reports in the new system Agni Path of recruitment in the Indian Army youth will be recruited in the army for only four years. Under the new system only a quarter of the new recruits will be kept in the army for a long period.

On Tuesday India had introduced the Agni Path Program under which 17.5 to 21 year old candidates who want to join the indian army will be recruited for a period of Four years while only a few of them will be recruited. 25% will be kept permanent.

Experts say the Indian government has taken this step to provide maximum employment to the people & reduce pension expenses.