Will sales and use of electric motorcycle For Adults increase in Asia?

If we talk about electric vehicles For Adults the idea of ​​Tesla or a similar car immediately comes to mind but in Asia the battle for the dominance of electronic vehicles Adults For  is being fought over motorcycle.

Use Of Electric Motorcycle For Adults increase in Asia?

If you go to most of the countries in Asia 1 thing that immediately comes to mind is the motorcycles running everywhere.

Often they are playing the role of a family car because they are cheap. In Taiwan  Cambodia India or Indonesia it is common for the whole family to travel on same motorbike.

In fact half of the world's motorcycle are sold in Asia & in most countries it would be unusual for a family not to have a motorcycle.

Take the example of Thailand which has the highest per capita motorcycle use rate. 87% of households have at least 1 motorbike. These are usually type of scooter with the front foot of the occupant.

After Thailand 86% of households in Vietnam 85% in Indonesia & 83% in Malaysia own a motorcycle.

In China & India which have large populations the proportion is between 60% and 47%, but still much higher than in the united kingdom UK where only 7% of households have a motorcycle.

electric motorcycle For Adults

electric motorcycle For Adults

Majority of motorcycles in Asia run on petrol but transport experts say  popularity of electronic motorcycles is growing rapidly.

Arushi Koticha an automotive analyst at  Economist Intelligence Unit says there are several reasons for  rise in sales of electronic motorcycle in Asia.

1st of all earnings in India and Southeast Asia are still very low so buying a car is not for everyone. Then especially at a time when food and fuel prices have risen which has also increased the cost of having a petrol powered car. That why people are increasingly turning to electric motorcycle.

Arushi says sales of electric motorbikes in Asia will increase 3 to four times from current levels by the end of this decade.

Beijing NIU Technologies electric motorcycle scooter

Earlier this year a report predicted that worldwide sales of electric motorcycles would double from .7 15.73 billion in 2020 to 30 30.52 billion by 2030.

What is an electronic motorbike?

Electronic motorbikes differ from electric push bikes also called e-bikes e-motorcycle

E-bikes are bicycles that have pedals but electronic motor pedals help.

Electric push bikes have limited power & speed. In the UK United Kingdom e-bikes are up to 2 & a half hundred watts and travel at a speed of only fifteen miles per hour.

In comparison electric motorcycle can be as powerful & fast as petrol powered bikes & require a license.

Use of the word scooter also creates confusion which has two meanings. 1st scooter is a motorcycle in which  feet sit forward

The second type of scooter is a kick scooter in which the user stands on a thin board and uses it by holding a long handle bar. This type of kick scooter is called an e-motorcycle and is very popular in the united kingdom UK & Europe.

China currently dominates the global production of electronic motorbikes.

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Beijing NIU Technologies which launched the 1st model in 2015, is currently  largest maker of such motorbikes.

Joseph Constantine is the firm director of global strategy. He describes his company as follows: If Tesla & Vespa had a child they would be us.

He says that although electronic motorcycle already existed in China he used heavy lead acid batteries & his company was the 1st company to sell electronic motorbikes with modern lithium batteries used in Tesla or mobile phones.

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In a way we were the 1st to do that in the Chinese & world markets at  time  he says.

Government is also helping to sell electronic motorcycle in China with the aim of eliminating environmental pollution.