Is Australia Outback the most deserted road in the world?

Part of the road is paved rest is being worked on

The 2,700 kilometer Outback way to Winton Queensland not far from Leverton in Western Australia is a sloping road that saves several weeks of travel compared to other highways.

Travel Australia Outback Most Deserted Road in World?

Whenever a road train long truck passes through Leverton  town is buzzing with life. Otherwise the rule of senate prevails here. The paved road gets lost in the red sand before it touches the suburbs.

Outback begins at Lever ton. The town was established on the ancestral lands of  Wungotha ​​& Tjulkanti tribes. This road is also called the Great Center Road in Western Australia. It runs through the middle of  continent & is 1 of the great highways of the world. Built in 1950 the road was considered a major achievement of its time.

Leverton is located on the shores of the 2 largest deserts in Australia Victoria & the Great Sandy.

Someone standing here after 70 years can see what you will see on the trip : the Great Beyond Visitor Center  Explorer Hall of Fame, and the never ending desert scenery. & it is impossible not to know the intensity of your campaign before you start the journey.

Outback Way connects Northern Australia with Western Australia & is the most direct route through  heart of the country.

The 2,700 kilometer road to Winton Queensland not far from Leverton in Western Australia passes through several of the country most ancient settlements as well as isolated national parks. There are places to relax and eat along the way. Ultimately this layer combines with the Cairns in a diagonal line to provide a shortcut route that saves thousands of miles & several weeks from the journey of walking on a paved road along the coast. happens. Traveling on it gives a good idea of ​ remote areas of Australia.

Travel Australia Outback Most Deserted Road in World?

But that is likely to change soon.

When I first started my journey from Leverton, it was hard to understand why traveling on the outback was so important: the road was paved, the journey was easy, and the excitement of the journey was overwhelming. Unaware that I had walked the longest and busiest road in the world.

Where paved roads end presence of road construction staff &  equipment indicates future of this highway. Maybe the whole outback will be ready soon. At the moment there is only 1200 km left which is better to travel in four wheel drive. After the rains the journey on this part becomes incomplete. This obstacle will be removed when it is ripe but this journey will lose its charm. This road  perhaps even  desert stands on the threshold of a great and lasting change.

Leicester Highway passes through Red Center area of ​​the Northern Territory

My eyes fell on a truck that was blocking the road. At the same time the smell of hot asphalt tar coal hit my nostrils. You can not stop progress said Beau Carmichael a construction company employee who was standing by the side of the road holding an unnecessary stop sign in her hand. When all this work is completed duration of the journey will be significantly reduced. Far flung ancient settlements are anxiously awaiting it.

Travel Australia Outback Most Deserted Road in World?

Travel Australia Outback Most Deserted Road in World?

About 350 kilometers after leaving Leverton this highway passes by Gibson another great desert in Australia. In such a desolate place it is natural to think of what it would be like to get off the road and go for a walk in desert. The answer is found in the name of the desert. In 1874 explorer Ernest Giles sent a young man named Alfred Gibson on his last camel in search of help. Giles somehow survived but Gibson was never seen again.

The area of ​​Keta Tjuta on this route was formerly known as The Olgas

The area I was passing through was far away.

Leicester Highway a paved road in the town of Yolara which provides basic services to the area of ​​Uloro & Kita Tjuta proved to be both a blessing and a hassle: Will To the south Mount Connor peak was seen sticking out its head. Those from the East who had not yet seen Eurolo emerge on the horizon considered it a famous milestone. Legend has it that the Icemen lived on Mount Connor covering the earth with haze as a sign of their arrival on cold nights.

Beautiful sunset views wide horizons & distant windmills are the hallmarks of distant Australia.

Anthony Patrick belongs to a tribe of ancient inhabitants who settled in Atitjire. For them having a good road from there means getting cheaper goods for their people reducing accidents & better public health facilities for their community &  of course increasing the number of tourists who visit their traditional style. Want to see life

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The Hard Knot Pass: Britain's most dangerous road at which even a mistake at a bend can be fatal

Kund Malir

Kund Malir Where the sea mountains and desert meet

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Baolia Winton Road which overlooks the desert marks the end of the Outbackway.

Paved roads look better at the end than at the beginning of a desert trip.  excitement of crossing an entire continent lasted until the town of Baolia. The view of  sunset amidst the roar of the windmills between the drinks houses & the luxuries of life gives the impression of being a truly remote town of Baolia. The lightness of life here is evident from the fact that locals park their cars in the middle of the main road for gossip.

From here  road to Baolia and Winton begins bursting into the desert. My final destination was Winton where tall buildings appear on the horizon. It was a sign that life was going to be full of hustle & bustle. I turned around and with great difficulty suppressed my desire to explore the desert again.