The wave of power department employees is over

(24 News) Public Accounts Committee terminates free electricity facility given to employees of power department


According to details a meeting of Public Accounts Committee was held under the chairmanship of Noor Alam Khan. During the meeting Secretary Energy said that if free units of employees were closed then unrest would spread.

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Chairman Noor Alam Khan said that the amount of units received by the employees for free should be put in their salary. Preference should be given to the children of the employees.

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 تفصیلات لنک میں۔پاکستانی وفد میں کون کون شامل تھا 

Visitors Group

کروکر مچلی گوادر میں لوگوں کی زندگیاں بدل رہی ہے ایک مچھلی ایک کروڑ  روپے کی 

تیل پاکستان میں 30روپے مہنگا بھارت میں 10روپے سستا ہوگیا تفصیل۔

Later, the PAC ordered to abolish free electricity facility for all employees of the power department and put the units in pay.