The Supreme Court has withdrawn the anticipatory application of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for the long march.

 The Registrar of the Supreme Court has returned the petition with objections. The Registrar said that the Supreme Court has already ruled on the matter and the petitioner has not approached the relevant forum.

The objection states that the petition does not state the reason for referring to the relevant forum.

It may be recalled that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) had filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the protest in Islamabad. 

The petition contended that the court should order PTI to allow peaceful protests and gatherings in Islamabad and no obstacles should be put in the way of PTI protests in any city.

The petition further said that the court should order that no PTI worker or leader should be arrested or tortured, intimidating tactics against PTI and raids on houses should not be carried out, any movement of people should be stopped. Don't stop in any city.

 تفصیلات لنک میں۔

کروکر مچلی گوادر میں لوگوں کی زندگیاں بدل رہی ہے ایک مچھلی ایک کروڑ  روپے کی 

تیل پاکستان میں 30روپے مہنگا بھارت میں 10روپے سستا ہوگیا تفصیل

The petition requested the court to order that no force be used against those participating in the protests and sit-ins.

It should be noted that former Prime Minister Imran Khan has called for protests in Islamabad in case the government does not announce election.