A Son reached the police station after not getting married the father explained to  police

It is my duty to marry a young son & I am aware of that but if the son is disobedient irresponsible then why would any one give his son to my son how can I put someone daughter in trouble?

Son Reached  Police Station After Not Getting Married

This is the position of a father Moin Gul who was summoned by the police yesterday for clarification. You will surely ask what is the role of the police in this & why they can summon a father the answer is that a son has requested  police that my father does not want me to get married.

This is the story of Hangu district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where a 28 year old man has requested the district police officer to marry him.

Son Reached  Police Station After Not Getting Married

Son Reached  Police Station After Not Getting Married

I want to avoid sin?

The request was made by Mahmudullah son of Moin Gul to the police officer in which it was stated that he is 28 years old & that he is a tube well operator. he has asked him parents to marry her at home but he is not being heard.

Petition further states that at this age he wants to avoid sin.

In the petition Mahmudullah has taken  position that he is avoiding sin in this age of immorality but for how long & on the other hand his parents are not worried about him & no effort is being made on his demand.

In this petition district police officer has-been told that my father is in a bad mood & despite my repeated efforts I am not getting married so my father should be asked to get married.

An attempt was made to contact Mahmudullah about this but phone number in the application was constantly blocked which prevented him from contacting.

Mahmudullah father has,-been contacted. His position will be stated shortly. We know what the police have done before.

How will the police get married?

District Police Officer Hangu forwarded the request to Deputy Superintendent of Police Asif Khan for action. When contacted about this Asif Khan said that he had called Mahmoodullah & his father Moin Gul to his office & talked to them in detail.


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تیل پاکستان میں 30روپے مہنگا بھارت میں 10روپے سستا ہوگیا تفصیل۔

DSP Asif Khan said that his father had said with all  evidence that Mahmudullah was disobedient & showed irresponsibility due to which his marriage could not be solemnized yet.

He said that Moin Gul has said that if Mahmudullah shows responsibility he is ready to get her married within a month.