How did the picture of Sadhu Musa Wala reach the posters of PTI candidate Zain Qureshi?

It has-been almost a month since  assassination of  indian singer Sadhu Musa Wala a popular Punjabi singer & politician from India. Since his assassination his portraits have-been variously portrayed by his fans in Pakistan but more recently his image has emerged onscene of local politics in Pakistan Punjab province.

A poster of Zain Qureshi a candidate from PTI  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Multan constituency PP-217 in  by-elections in Punjab this month is under discussion on social networking sites. In this poster a picture of indian Singer Sadhu Musa Wala is printed with Zain Qureshi partner.

The poster also has the names & pictures of some of the officials of his party who supported him & a popular song 295 by Indian star Sadhu Musa Wala is quoted along with the picture of Sadhu.

Zain Qureshi is the son of former foreign minister & PTI deputy chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi & was elected to the National Assembly from Multan in the last general election. However his party did worse than expected from opinion polls which saw them at gaining about a 3rd of the support.

Indian singer Sadhu Musa Wala & his songs were very popular especially among the youth. Many of his songs have-been viewed by millions on social media alone. A large number of his fans have also appeared in the Punjab of Pakistan.


Shooter santosh jadhav who shot Sadhu Musawala

So even after his death did his popularity lead to his arrival on poster of PTI candidate Zain Qureshi?

کروکر مچلی گوادر میں لوگوں کی زندگیاں بدل رہی ہے ایک مچھلی ایک کروڑ  روپے کی 

تیل پاکستان میں 30روپے مہنگا بھارت میں 10روپے سستا ہوگیا تفصیل۔

ایمن مزاری کی درخواست ضمانت منظور 

Clash In Punjab University

Speaking to British news Zain Qureshi said that he was not aware of this at all. Zain is currently campaigning in Multan. He said he had-been sent pictures of the poster circulating on social media by some friends.