Reaction to  death of Indian singers Sadhu Musa Wala &  KK: People of both India and Pakistan are sad for Sadhu and KK."

The saying that music has no borders is the most accurate ¹ between neighboring India and Pakistan & clear evidence of this can be seen in the reaction on social media after the deaths of singers Sadhu Musa Wala and KK. Pakistani social media users are also expressing condolences over the deaths of the ².

Reaction to  death of Indian singers Sadhu Musa Wala &  KK: People of both India and Pakistan are sad for Sadhu and KK."

Sadhu Musa Wala was shot dead on May 29 in the Indian state of Punjab. And famous singer Krishna Kumar Kanth KK died in Kolkata on Tuesday evening.

KK fainted at a hotel after singing at an event from where he was taken to hospital but doctors pronounced him dead. The cause of death is said to be a heart attack but it has not been officially confirmed yet.

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Writing on the common cultural history of the region, Indian journalist Ade Rana wrote, “The last few days are a reminder of the common history of Indian and Pakistani music. The people of both the countries are sad for both Sadhu and KK.

Speaking of the two countries social media user Saba Aitzaz replied that there was no doubt that we have a common history.

KK was trending on Twitter in India on Wednesday morning & Pakistan is also reacting to Aqs Khabar & fans are seen expressing shock at the news of his death.

Although many well-known singers from India and Pakistan of the previous generation have been popular in both the countries, fans have also expressed their love for Sadhu and K.

On the sudden death of KK, Malik Noman Nawab lamented, "Oh God, this is the end of an era. He who made our childhood beautiful is no more. We will never forget you. "

"Love and respect for Pakistan from you," he added.

"People on both sides of the border loved KK," Alvina Malik wrote. He also had a large fan base in Pakistan. It will be a sad night. "

KK was born in Delhi in 1968 and started his career singing advertising jingles. He sang about 3,500 jingles before he got a chance in film music. He then sang in several Indian languages, including Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. But his voice became popular on both sides of the border in the Hindi music industry.

Similarly similar condolences were expressed on Sadhu's death in which some people seemingly recalled a promise that the singer wanted to visit Pakistan soon.

Hamza Azhar Salam wrote that "Sadhu Musa Wala had promised to come to Pakistan this year, the first concert in Lahore and the second in Islamabad".

"Art transcends all boundaries and today Pakistanis share in the grief of their Indian brothers and sisters over the death of Sadhu Musa Wala," he added.