It is now possible to know the traffic situation without opening Google Maps

Google Maps: This widget will be available in the coming days 

Google Company: Most people use Google Maps to get to their destination or to know the flow of traffic along  way.

possible to know the traffic situation without opening Google Maps

But now you do not need to open Google Maps app to know traffic situation around you.

Google Company is introducing a Maps New widget that can predict the flow of traffic on the phone home screen.

According to Google Company this widget will allow users to easily view the traffic situation on the mobile screen.

Google company will also provide a zoom in & out feature in the widget so that there is no need to open app for this purpose.

Google Maps  New feature will be available to Android users for the 1st time but company has said nothing about introducing it to iOS devices.

This Google Map New widget will be available to users in coming  Next weeks.

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