Apple iPhones: 76 768 million lawsuit against Apple for deliberately slowing down phones

This claim applies to iPhone 6 iPhone 9 & other models

Iphone: Millions of iPhone users could be sued after a lawsuit was filed against Apple for secretly slowing down the performance of older phones.

million lawsuit against Apple for deliberately slowing down iphones

Justin Gutman alleged that  company misled consumers about the upgrade saying it would increase performance but in fact the phones slowed down.

They are demanding 768 million in damages for about 25 million iPhone users in United Kingdom UK.

Apple says it has never deliberately shortened the life of its products.

million lawsuit against Apple for deliberately slowing down iphones

million lawsuit against Apple for deliberately slowing down iphones

The lawsuit alleges that Apple slowed down the performance of older iPhones in order to prevent them from being returned or repaired.

This is related to power management tool released in a software update for iPhone users in January 2017 which was intended to address performance issues & prevent abrupt shutdown of older devices.

Consumer rights activist Guttman says information about  program was not included in the details of the software update download at the time & that the company failed to make it clear that it was slowing down the devices. will make.

They claim that Apple introduced the tool to cover up fact that iPhone batteries are having difficulty running modern iOS software & that instead of recalling products or offering replacement batteries the firm Forced to download software updates.

He said Instead of doing a respectable and legal job for its customers & offering free replacement repair service or compensation Apple misled people by hiding a tool in software updates that could damage their devices. Slowed down to 58%.

Claims include iPhone 6 6 Plus 6S 6S Plus SE 7, 7 Plus 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X model

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This is an opt out claim which means that consumers do not need to be actively involved in the case in person to seek damages.

In a statement Apple said: We have never done or will continue to do anything to deliberately shorten the life of any of Apple products or to reduce the user experience.

Our goal is to develop products that our customers love & letting the iPhone run as fast as possible is an important part of that.

Battery Gate iphone

Gutmann claim comes 2 years after a similar lawsuit was filed in the Us United States of America.

In 2020 Apple agreed to pay  113 million after allegations that it slowed down performance of its older iPhones.

In 33 US states of America it was claimed that Apple did this in order to get consumers to buy new phones.

In 2016 when the iPhone 6 & 7 & SE models were slowed down in the Battery Gate scandal millions of people were affected.

At the time Apple declined to comment but earlier said the iPhone had-been slowed down to maintain battery life.

According to Claire Holobawskj an analyst at the research firm Anders Analysys such problems continue to arise due to the technical limitations of older batteries.

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Technology improves very quickly in new devices not slowly he said. That's why it issues issues when releasing software updates which often have to work on devices with different capabilities.

Apple derives 84% ​​of its revenue from the sale of new devices which is why they are reluctant to block updates to ensure that older models continue to work smoothly.

IPhone : He added that the challenge will continue until the issues of devices and software updates are resolved.