McDonald Fries Now Available in Regular Size Only

 McDonald Fries Now Available in Regular Size Only

There is always something to eat & drink that you like the same amount the same taste the same place.

McDonald Fries Now Available in Regular Size Only

Whether it is an ice cream parlor coming to your neighborhood at 55 a sherbet on a roadside wheelbarrow or your mother handmade dessert.

One day if that wheel that taste that quantity or the maker suddenly disappears then the heart will be broken & he will tell the stories of this unknown taste to his children for the rest of his life.

McDonald Fries Now Available in Regular Size Only

McDonald Fries Now Available in Regular Size Only

Something similar happened to McDonald's fans in Pakistan yesterday after which most of them are looking very depressed & some are even calling it a sign of doomsday.

McDonald has announced that large fries ie potato finger chips in common parlance will no longer be available due to supply chain problems & will only be able to purchase regular fries.

We will have to make difficult decisions due to supply chain issues the statement said. We will now be able to offer only regular fries at every favorite and world famous Mac fries.

Medium & large mails will still be able to order with regular fries which will be priced differently. We are trying to overcome this situation.

With this announcement as if McDonald fans in Pakistan have been severely shocked some people started talking about ordering more than one fries some people started criticizing Shahbaz Sharif government and some people started drawing Muftah Ismail's attention to it.

In such a scenario it is difficult to say whether the import policy of the Pakistani government was involved in the interruption of supply of large and medium size fries by McDonalds in Pakistan but it is important to note that this is not the first time.

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McDonald had previously faced a similar crisis in Japan late last year after which fries sizes were only available on a regular basis.

McDonald still cited unavailability of potatoes and delays in shipments. McDonald's also reported that it usually imports potatoes near the port of Vancouver in Canada. He attributed the delay to last year floods in Canada &  global epidemic.

McDonald's fails to carry out its duties

On social media where people were shocked and complained some people kept asking why McDonald's has to import everything why it does not produce it in Pakistan.

A user named Jawad Khan wrote I wonder why there is no demand from the government or the public to make McDonald's produce entirely locally.

A user named Faizan Siddiqui wrote Golden Arches McDonald logo has been here since 1998 and in almost 24 years they have not been able to make a single local source of potatoes or any other substance. It shows that we are the best in terms of consumption but we have never been a good source in terms of production.

However in response to them, some users gave reasons. Consumer Bilal Khan wrote: Not only McDonald but all multinational food chains import fries from USA Europe Middle East & Pepsi imports the most potatoes for chips lease.

The reason for importing potatoes and fries is the unavailability of certain varieties which can only be grown in certain seasons so the United States Canada and Europe are suitable for their production and from here 75% of the global market demand is met. Is.

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کروکر مچلی گوادر میں لوگوں کی زندگیاں بدل رہی ہے ایک مچھلی ایک کروڑ  روپے کی 

تیل پاکستان میں 30روپے مہنگا بھارت میں 10روپے سستا ہوگیا تفصیل۔

Consumer Waqar wrote that for those who are asking why McDonald's does not use local Pakistani products Pakistan does not produce anything that meets international food safety and security standards.

Hanan-ur-Rehman a user played with the words, writing that McDonald's failed to perform its duties.

One user wrote nervously We were killed Muftah Ismail Khadara look into this matter.

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