Indian YouTubers who Teach young investors how to make money

 Indian YouTubers who showed young investors how to make money became famous overnight

2 years ago when Corona was on the rise worldwide & leading Bollywood film studios closed their doors indefinitely 23 year old filmmaker Shyam Khatri decided to learn the art of money management. What It was a skill they didn't learn in school or college.

They read books about it & scrutinized content videos on the Internet. He soon found out that creators of financial content on the video platform YouTube were mostly young creators who spoke their own language  simple easy & understandable to the general public. The language.

The videos of these youngsters are simple & easy to understand says Shyam Khatri. & these YouTubers cover a variety of topics.

He started following 1 of their creators with great enthusiasm. His name is Rachna Ranade & his YouTube channel has more than 3.5 million followers.

Rachna knows art of presenting complex financial issues in a content that is easily digestible in her typical naughty way. Having so many followers also means that there is a large segment of youth in India who want to understand financial matters in simple language.

Rachna Ranade explains financial matters with  help of very simple words & film dialogues

Indian YouTubers who showed young investors how to make money

Indian YouTubers who showed young investors how to make money

In his stunning new office in the western city of Pune Rachna Ranade showed us a detailed graphic in which he mapped out his rise as a YouTuber. He uploaded his 1st video in February 2019 & in just five months number of followers on his YouTube channel reached 1 lakh. His progress since then has-been staggering.

Rachna Ranade is often surrounded by people for autographs & selfies & this is something that is usually reserved for Bollywood celebrities or actors.

Rachna doesn't hesitate to call herself Film Ben. On one wall of his office are dialogues of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan films. She uses these dialogues to explain financial concepts that are difficult to understand. The hit movie Kal Ho Na Ho gives the example of emphasizing need to buy life insurance.

Rachna Ranade says she has a mantra finance that is easy.

This is exactly what young Indian investors want. Millions of them opened trading accounts to participate in  stock market race during the epidemic and sought online investment services from people like them

Rachna Ranade YouTube channel has 3.5 million followers

But official surveys show that only three out of 10 Indians are financially literate. And they want to know how to easily make money in the stock market or how to become a billionaire overnight.

This is the happy turn that has turned financial content into 1 of the fastest growing things in world of internet.

YouTube is like a university for people born in India Jane Z or in the early part of this century says Ankur Warico a business influencer.

Encore videos focus on personal finances entrepreneurship & productivity. His huge popularity earned him a book deal last year & his 1st book Do Apex Shit quickly became a bestseller.

Although it is widely believed that he became famous overnight Warricko says his journey as a content creator began almost a decade ago. But Corona epidemic turned out to be a turning point.

All of a sudden there was an increase in high quality content offered by many creators says Wariko. There was an audience with time & money in hand & there was a market that was very helpful.

Over the years there have-been several business channels in India that broadcast real time financial market news. But to a large extent they cater to the needs of big & old businessmen & institutional investors rather than new investors.

Thus there was a gap in the market that many YouTubers have managed to fill. & because of their success they are now attracting advertisers & brand managers for huge sums of money.

According to Forbes Magazine Top Influencers can earn up to 20,000 for a single branded video. Experts appreciate the fact that financial education is now more accessible but at the same time they advise caution.

Although business news channels are strictly regulated most digital content creators work in the gray zone. Ranade and Warico do not recommend individual stocks but many others do & often without the necessary skills or qualifications.

Gondraj Athiraj a former editor of a business channel now runs Fact Check website. When it comes to better long term investment issues I would rely on people who have gone through a few rounds in market he said. Right now with the digital age, everything has just gone up.

After 2 years of horse racing India equity market is facing huge fluctuations & billions of dollars of foreign currency are being withdrawn from the country.

Therefore Aithraj says that this will be 1st test in the next few years whether the new influencers of the money sector in India are sustainable or merely temporary.

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