Hisham al-Sayed: Hamas released video of the abducted Israeli citizen


Hisham Al-Assad mother is holding a picture of her son

Palestinian Freedom fighter militant group Hamas has released a video that appears to show an Israeli citizen abducted in  Gaza Strip.

In this video Hisham Al-Sayed can be seen lying in a bed & he looks very withered & he is wearing an oxygen mask on his face. He has-been seen for the 1st time since his abduction in 2015.

Hisham al-Sayed: Hamas released video of the abducted Israeli citizen

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called  release of a video of a sick man reprehensible & disappointing.

video has not been independently verified by the News  Agancy  as yet:

Hamas says Hisham al-Sayed is an Israeli soldier but the Israeli government &his family insist he is a mentally ill civilian.

Video : 

Human Rights Watch had previously criticized Hisham al-Saai d  illegal detention and said that Hisham al-Sayyid was last seen entering  Gaza Strip in April 2015 for unknown reasons. Had also made several attempts to enter here.

In a video released by Hamas Hisham al-Sayed 34 a member of Israel Bedouin Arab minority can be-seen on a van & carrying an Israeli issued ID card. can go.

A TV monitor can also be seen in his room playing news footage of this mont economic conference in Qatar.

Hisham al-Sayed: Hamas released video of the abducted Israeli citizen

Palestinian Freedom  militant group also did not provide further details about his health saying only that his health had deteriorated.

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Israel says it is one of two citizens detained by Hamas in violation of international law. other detainee is Ovira Mengsto.

The 2 had deliberately entered the Gaza Strip despite Israel ban on its citizens entering the Palestinian territories.

It is alleged that the release of video was aimed at pressuring Israel to exchange prisoners with Hamas.

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Prisoner exchanges have taken place on both sides in the past. Especially in 2011 when Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit was abducted. In return more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails were released.