Google loses How  defamation suit against Australian politician

Google Company: A federal court in Australia has ordered Google to pay more than  500,000 in damages in a defamation suit filed by a politician. John Barrelro has filed a lawsuit against videos posted on YouTube.

Google Loses How defamation suit against Australian politician

A federal court in Australia ruled on Monday that comedian Jordan Shanks had posted 2 videos in 2020 about then New South Wales Deputy PM John Barrelro. Judge Steven Ryers said  videos questioned Barreiro  honesty & that he had been accused of corruption without any evidence. He was nicknamed  Racial which was no less than hate speech.

Google Company : During the court hearing when the video was shown in which John Barrelaro was described as racist he could not control his emotions & burst into tears. It simply came to our notice then.

Video was made by Jordan Shanks on a magnificent residence owned by John Barrelaro which he rented out to Airbnb.

Google Videos Case : Comedian Jordan Shanks issued an apology in 2021 agreeing to edit the videos. But the video has-been viewed more than a million times on YouTube so far

Google has not yet commented

Google which owns YouTube initially defended the case but later fell silent. The court ruled that Google did so because it had no hope of success.

Justice Steven Ryers has blamed Google for harming Barrelaro since 2020 when politicians lawyers wrote a letter to the company demanding that the defamatory video be removed from YouTube. The judge ordered compensation for  damage caused by the video to John Barrelro.

Court ruled that the videos forced Barreiro to step down prematurely from politics & his position. He resigned from parliament in October 2020. The court added that the videos caused them extraordinary pain.

Google has not yet commented on the decision.

Jordan Shanks apologized to Barrelaro for the videos.

Speaking to local media outside the courthouse after the verdict Barrelaro said he had received justice and was happy at the end of his journey.

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He asserted that his confession had-been obtained through torture & that his confession had-been obtained through torture. It was not about the money it was just about admitting the mistake & removing the videos.