Dua Zahra Husband First interview with Zaheer Ahmed

I am earn 60 to 80 thousand per month  first interview with Zaheer Ahmed prayer

We were all watching & laughing at propaganda that was spread after our marriage: Zaheer Ahmed talk  video screen grab

Dua Zahra Husband  First interview with Zaheer Ahmed

Husband Of Dua Zahra first video interview of Dua Zahra Kazmi  &her husband Zaheer who went missing from Karachi City & later got married has come to light.

Video interview Dua Zahra with Husband Zaheer ahmed :

A First video interview of Dua Zahra Kazmi & Zaheer Ahmed is going viral on social media in which Husband Dua Zahra Zaheer Ahmed said in response to the question of the host that I have recently done FSC pre medical from Punjab & I bought a mobile phone with him. I also do sales work I repair iPhones & buy & sell them.

Dua Zahra Husband  First interview with Zaheer Ahmed

Regarding the rumors spread on social media after the marriage Mr Zaheer Ahmed Husband of Dua Zahra said that we were all watching what was said about us & we used to laugh when we saw that there is no such thing as being shown & being told. Is.

I do not talk much & our lawyer forbade us to come to the media & say anything he said.

Zaheer Ahmed further said that in the beginning we met on Pub G  Game & then the conversation started but after that the family of Dua Zahra Kazmi banned him from playing the game & we were in a relationship for Three years & four months. Then we started talking in separate games.