Due to the economic situation in Pakistan the daily ride service of Swvl has been stopped citizens are worried about expensive alternatives.

Recently the ride sharing app Swvl has announced the closure of its car service in different cities of the world.

Daily ride service of SWVL has been stopped In Pakistan

The owners of the Dubai based app said in a statement in a press release that the reason behind closure of the app was the recent wave of global inflation and that they would continue their service from one city to another but use it daily. Upcoming vehicles are being stopped.

As a result all the citizens living in Pakistan are depressed & their daily life has-been dependent on this app.

Daily ride service of SWVL has been stopped In Pakistan

With this app people could book their seats in air conditioned vans and pay far less than booking a car or rickshaw to get to a plan

It should be noted that most of the people in Pakistan have been using the cheap ride sharing app for their daily commute and one of the major reasons for this is the lack of bus routes or poor transport system from different cities of the country.

Daily ride service of SWVL has been stopped In Pakistan

These apps include Cream Ober and Bikea as well as apps like In Driver and Swvl which citizens can use to save a lot of money.

Ali Umair Jafari a resident of Karachi told the British news that he had been using the social app for the past eight months.

I left my car at home he says. Because hundreds of jobs come out in the car & it costs a lot of money. But using Swvl I had to pay only Rs. 210 from Gulistan-e-Jauhar to II Chandragar Road and Rs. 6,000 for monthly package.

Umair says he found it easy to be taken from his home to his office in a comfortable ride.

Now all of us friends are thinking of starting car pooling to save money he said.

Umair said that a Karachi based transport group called Shah Zaman is trying to continue services like Swvl but after an increase of Rs 30 in petrol they will charge Rs 12,000 per month although before that they had to pay me only Rs 6,000. Used to

Will a better transport system ever be possible?

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Women are among the worst affected by poor transport management. Karachi resident Noorin Khan wrote on his Facebook after the social app was canceled that why can not an app like Bikea  be launched for women in Pakistan?

Why should women give extra money to Uber & Karim she wrote.

It should be noted that Bikeya is a Pakistani app in which motorbikes like Karim and Ober can be booked. Since the trend of women riding motorcycles is not so high in Pakistan only men are seen riding bikes in Bikeya & women do not feel comfortable sitting behind them.

Although some women are still using bikes depending on their budget this trend is not yet so common.