Bitcoin: Five Interesting Facts About Cryptocurrency That You Need To Know

Sunil Patel is telling us five facts about cryptocurrency that every 1 needs to know. 1st of all he introduces himself in an interesting way.

My name is Sunil Patel, I am a broadcaster and a future billionaire. This year I am busy doing my radio show Sunil Patel: An Idiots Guide to Cryptocurrency. Before doing  show I thought that corruption is basically just something that people in trouble talk about at events. But now I have the opportunity to become one of those experts.

They shared this important information with us:

Bitcoin: Five Interesting Facts About Cryptocurrency That You Need To Know

1. Everyone can understand cryptocurrency but not every one can use it

I started journey of cryptocurrency by converting all my pounds into bitcoins. I felt comfortable doing that because bitcoin is just like ordinary money. Instead of being controlled by bank & the government the currency is controlled by a decentralized network of computers & so called blockchains.

When I was happy to give my money on the web I immediately realized that bitcoin could be used to buy drugs online something I had never tried. You cannot use Bitcoin for your weekly purchases. I know this because people at a store have laughed at me.

To replenish my dwindling stock of chocolate biscuits I had to travel to El Salvador. Along with the highest homicide rates in the world El Salvador has recently become famous for introducing the bitcoin as 1 of its official currencies. Unfortunately only 30% of people own a smartphone. Although there are great volcanoes here that can be enjoyed.

2. NFT is just a receipt crytocurrency

As a comedian am  already a bit of an artist so I decided to go into the online art market. Although I voluntarily leave  walls of my flat completely empty except for one Scarface poster that I have had since 1996.

I am known for enjoying great art such as a painting of a beautiful woman or a painting in which a woman is dressed. Or Van Gogh's painting in France.

When I bought a picture on NFT of a dog riding a skateboard I was told that I would not be given this picture. I only own transactions on Blockchain.

Transactions on Blockchain. it is fine. People pay millions of dollars for a single line of code that says You spent millions of dollars It is all just for show! If it is not art I do not know what it is.

Bitcoin: Five Interesting Facts About Cryptocurrency That You Need To Know

Bitcoin: Five Interesting Facts About Cryptocurrency That You Need To Know

3. Cryptocurrency is an insecure part of people

1 of the challenges in my show was breaking the corrupt wallet which ordinary people can understand as a wallet where you keep your corrupt currency. These wallets are usually highly password protected.

Some people have even forgotten their passwords. They no longer have access to their own wallet which has cost them millions of dollars.

Having a crypto wallet can be like having a digital Fort Knox in your pocket. The only difference is that it can disappear behind the Fort Knox sofa.

What lesson did I learn? Owning a cryptocurrency is like putting your money under your mattress.  & then you ask yourself how safe is this ass? & how safe is a person sleeping on a mattress? I personally sleep like a baby please don't rob me.

4. A crime remains a crime even if you do it to laugh

By the end of my show I was anxious to capture the means of production so I decided to introduce my own currency. If there was such a thing it would be very easy. I met a man in my chat room for about 20 minutes whom I then knocked out. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, anyone can print their own money. it is fine. With just a couple of clicks it can be turned into reality!

An important difference between cryptocurrency & hard money is that cryptocurrencies can have many benefits or additional benefits. For example it could represent an event ticket or a share in a company.

Imagine a 5 pound note in your wallet that took you to a nightclub. Well it does but what if that nightclub was on the Internet? Believe me this is very tempting.

Worryingly while selling my  back I lied a lot about its usefulness & a lawyer advised me that I had cheated so I was forced to stop. You win something you lose something.

5. All money is fake

If you are still struggling to understand  fascinating world of crypto you may need to calm down. Remember all money is made from rocks to paper to gold to digital bits money is worth only if you believe it is valuable.

I think Governor of the Bank of England must have said a little prayer every night before going to bed for the money roll.

According to him I do the same for cryptocurrency. Every one else does the same. And tonight you can do the same.

The value of cryptocurrency depends like ordinary money on stupid people who believe in nonsense. You trade pieces of paper every day for good purposes so that you can eat & drink and ride a bus or meet other necessities of life.

This is all nonsense! The world is a lie! How difficult it is to understand