Big Query Why Complaints filed in five European countries Software Clairs View

Its a Big Query BifA company called Claire View which uses face recognition software for artificial intelligence has-been widely criticized. The head of  firm however defended the new technology & dismissed the criticism.

Speaking at the annual Global Media Forum in Bonn hosted by Deutsche Welle a German international broadcaster chief executive officer of technology company Claire Wave said that his company developed & used artificial intelligence to recognize any human face. Rejects Global Criticism of Software His clair View company software is being closely monitored by national regulators in several countries.

Bigquery Why Complaints filed in five European countries Software Clairs View

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Addressing the participants of this international gathering online on 1st day of  2 days Global Media Forum the head of Clare view said that all the information collected by his organization is legal and the public has access to this information. Has achieved Claire View Software is facing global criticism for allegedly violating privacy rights of hundreds of millions of people with its controversial software.

In this regard the CEO of Claire View Software Huan Ton That claimed on Monday evening that his company is not violating any one rights through this software.

Big Query why Complaints filed in five European countries

Clearview Software AI has so far received formal complaints from authorities in at least 5 European countries by organizations working to protect  privacy of the public. The companies claim that company software, which acts as a search engine to identify faces by comparing billions of images violates strict privacy laws in the  UK United Kingdom & the European Union.

The controversy is also a testament to how the increasing use of artificial intelligence in technology has taken surveillance to a new level that is unprecedented.

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Big Query  Clear View software used in many countries

Addressing a panel of participants from more than 120 countries on 1st day of the Global Media Forum Amos Toh a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch warned that more & more governments & institutions This type of facial recognition software is being used to keep an eye on ordinary citizens & consumers. According to Amos Toh most controversial aspect is that with the help of this software people in any crowd can be identified on an individual level with the help of their faces.

We have-seen that this software is also being used to identify peaceful protesters in countries like Russia Amos Toh told forum participants. Similar face recognition software has also been used to identify children in Argentina.

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The Human Rights Watch official complained that  software could potentially be used to discriminate against minorities &  violate  basic human rights of ordinary people.

Bigquery Why Complaints filed in five European countries Software Clairs View

Big Query  Volume of the global market for such software

Hundreds of different technology companies around  world are currently working on face recognition software. Experts estimate that  financial volume of the global World market for this sector last year was about ten billion dollars or 8.25 billion euros.

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On other hand it is important to note that no other company in this field has received as much international criticism as Clear View Software AI. Another controversial aspect is that of the billions of images that Claire View software has used to create its photo database the vast majority of images Photos are taken from social media sites such as Facebook Twitter & Instagram. 

 Also Big Query   How the software works

ClearView software works in such a way that organizations that use  software after making financial payments when they want information about a person upload a single photo of that person In addition to exposing other possible images from this software also provides a lot of possible personal information about  man or woman who the person concerned may be.

Law enforcement officials in many countries are in favor of using the software because they say it makes it easier for them to find wanted criminals for terrorism militancy & child &  se-xu-al abuse of women.

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In this regard Ton Thatt head of Claire View Software AI told the participants of  Global world Media Forum that his company has now closed all the accounts of private companies among its customers. We now only provide this software to government law enforcement agencies he said.

Opinions of officials in different countries

Canadian Privacy Commissioner ruled last week that the use of the software by Canadian police violates privacy laws. Last summer  European Union data privacy watchdog also said the use of software by police could be in violation of European data protection laws.

A provincial data protection agency in Germany has also ruled against the software while regulators in Sweden said in February this year that  use of software by  country police was illegal.

Bigquery Why Complaints filed in five European countries Software Clairs View

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In addition a number of data privacy NGOs have filed regular legal complaints against the software in  france Austria Greece Italy & UK United Kingdom.

Software has not been banned yet

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Internationally Clear View AI software has not yet been formally banned despite negative decisions in many countries. 1 of the main reasons for the complaints against this software in Europe is that  information collected by Clear View about European users in its database was not taken from the concerned citizens.

Possible decisions of  relevant authorities in the 5 European countries regarding the complaints against this software will probably come to light in next few weeks.