Airbnb has permanently banned parties around the world on its platform

Airbnb a popular app for renting homes for a limited time has banned parties & celebrations in all homes on its platform. Earlier ban was temporarily imposed during  global epidemic and became very popular among hosts ie homeowners.

Airbnb has permanently banned parties around cvc tang world on its platform

Air BNB company says  ban was enacted in August 2020 & immediately became more than a decision to protect public health.

San Francisco based company said: Over time this has become the basis of community policy which is being used to support hosts & their neighbors.

Airbnb has permanently banned parties around cvc tang world on its platform

How ever Airbnb also removed the number of people wishing to live in a house.

Airbnb said in a statement that since the enactment of the regulation there has-been a 44% reduction in complaints against parties.

He added that in the future the global ban could exempt events that are used exclusively as traditional tourist destinations.

Airbnb also said it was removing the limit on how many people could live in a  The house or flat at a time.

Earlier, Airbnb had set a limit of 16 people due to the spread of Code 19 as it had concerns over Code 19.

Air BNB Company said that some large houses can accommodate more than 16 people. These include Europe largest castles farmhouses in  USA & coastal residences in Caribbean.

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It added: Removing this limit means that hosts who can use  space in their homes responsibly can take advantage of it as well as the ban on awkward heartbeats. Keep it. 

Airbnb company has-been banning parties since 2019. The company banned open invite parties and so called crank party houses because it has become a problem for neighbors.

During  global epidemic Airbnb banned parties indefinitely which is in best interest of public health.

More than 6,000 users of the platform were suspended last year for violating the rules.

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This new & long term policy is to encourage and support the safety of the community Airbnb said.

We will provide more updates on community policies to the parties in the coming weeks & months he said.