Ahsan Iqbal suggestion to drink less tea and reaction of social media users: You have to raise prices do not give advice to people

Reduce 1 cup of tea 2 cups of tea because  tea we import is imported on credit.

Federal Minister for Planning Ahsan Iqbal has appealed to the nation to drink less tea due to Pakistan economic situation.

Ahsan Iqbal Suggestion to drink less tea Reaction of social media

The people of Pakistan the largest importer of tea in the world ie  people of Pakistan & the Pakistani nation which is also making a cup of tea from the neighboring country probably did not like Ahsan Iqbal's suggestion to reduce tea.

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Most people say that there is no contradiction between the proposal of allocating Rs 1523 billion for defense in the federal budget and asking the poor people to give up their only luxury ie tea after increasing the salaries of judges.

Ahsan Iqbal Suggestion to drink less tea Reaction of social media

Ahsan Iqbal Suggestion to drink less tea Reaction of social media

Criticizing the government Rukhsana Saleem wrote Advising the people to drink less tea by increasing the salaries of judges is tantamount to sprinkling salt on the sufferings of the people. You have to raise prices but do not give such advice to  people.

He added Poor people don't have breakfast with eggs. Poor people eat pratha or roti dipped in the same tea. Do you want to snatch this only luxury from them?

Wajih Halal asks: Miftah Ismail says four brothers eat one roti together Ahsan Iqbal says stop drinking two cups of tea but this is the group of 200 people who are going on Hajj When will it be reduced? Will the economy be restored by reducing bread and tea from the people themselves?

In Pakistan, media and social media reported that Minister for Religious Affairs Mufti Abdul Shakoor's personal staff and 200 members of the ministry went on a free Hajj, after which Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif sought an explanation from the ministry. After which Mufti Abdul Shakoor said that the 200 member seasonal staff or welfare staff are government employees of the Ministry of Religious Affairs & Hajj camps. None of them are my relatives, personal servants cooks or private guards.

Zahra Liaqat wrote Ahsan Iqbal has gained lifelong enmity by asking for less tea during the day. Addressing Ahsan Iqbal he said that we will make a living by eating stones but there will be no compromise on tea !!

Many users on social media seem to compare this statement with Imran Khan suggestion of selling buffaloes & raising chickens.

Wajid Ali Chhatta wrote They used to make fun of Imran Khan selling buffaloes making fun of cuts and chickens. Today we have reached the point of closing people tea.

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کروکر مچلی گوادر میں لوگوں کی زندگیاں بدل رہی ہے ایک مچھلی ایک کروڑ  روپے کی 

تیل پاکستان میں 30روپے مہنگا بھارت میں 10روپے سستا ہوگیا تفصیل۔

ایمن مزاری کی درخواست ضمانت منظور 

Clash In Punjab University

It may be recalled that after coming to power in 2018 Imran Khan had announced that the vehicles buffaloes & helicopters in the Prime Minister House would be auctioned off. These statements were not only criticized but also ridiculed by the government. They did not have the success they had hoped for.

Some users are even taking it in a humorous way. & Ahsan is responding to Iqbal with poetry

There is milk water leaves no weapons . I drank 2cups of tea, now I have another problem no problem?