Why was it necessary to invent the mobile phone in three months?

Martin Cooper: Cooper didn't know who to call first but then he called a representative of  same company he was competing with.

Martin Cooper

World first Mobile Martin Cooper : Some of the inventions that have come to light in recent years have changed our world as much as mobile or cell phones especially  world of the 4.78 billion people on planet who have a mobile phone in their hands today. Are

Such a large number of users is astonishing in that less than half a century has passed since 1st use of mobile phones in world.

Martin Cooper :1st call on a mobile phone was made in 1973 in United States New York by engineer Martin Cooper also known as  father of mobile phones.

Speaking to British News Martin Cooper recalls: People thought the incident was a science fiction a fictional story because we've been tied to a home or office phone by a wire for over a hundred years. Were But our thinking was that man is basically a moving creature & people want to be connected to each other wherever they are. So we had to build 1 such device or device. This has never happened before & we had to make this device within 3 months.

Martin Cooper: Cooper didn't know who to call first

Martin Cooper: Cooper didn't know who to call first

A big change

Martin Cooper : The device that Martin Cooper used was said to be a small handheld device called a communicator. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring.

However Martin Cooper says that 1st thing that really made him think about this possibility was the wrist radio used by detective Dick Tracy in a comedy American cartoon series.

The protagonist of a popular 1931 series Inspector Dick Tracy used to carry strange devices such as mobile phones.

Martin Cooper :Before mobile phone when you call you used to call somewhere but now when you call from mobile phone, you want to talk to some 1 . That's the decent thing to do &it should end there. 

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The device unveiled by Cooper and colleagues at the Hilton Hotel in US New York in April 1973 was very different in shape from the thin C device used by Star Trek characters & not like Dick Tracy's watch. Nor was it like the mobile on screen of which you are currently reading this article.

Martin Cooper :The device was about two inches wide and 4 inches long & weighed close to 500 grams half a kilo & you could only talk about it for 20 minutes after which it would run out of battery. People were laughing at the device but it was best device of all time.

For the first time Mobile Use :

Marty Cooper was then working  4 American company Motorola a small name in the United State communications market at time.

We used to say that the day will come when every human being will-be given a phone number and that number will remain with that person till death. We knew that in the future everyone would-have a telephone.

But what we did Not realize was that  phone of the future would have a supercomputer a digital camera and the Internet because in 1973 some of them It did not even exist. 

The race to invent the mobile phone was short & competition was fierce

Martin Cooper : It was 3 June 1973, when Cooper made his first call on US New York's famous 6th Avenue.

We were walking down the street at the time and talking to a radio station reporter. I had no idea who I was going to make (1st call). So I got the number of 1 of my counterparts in  American Telephone & Telegraph Joel Angel.

Remember that at that time AT&T was a big name not only in America but also in  world of communication. Motorola's budget was much smaller than that of a large company.

So what did Martin Cooper say to Angel in his 1st call?

I dialed his number and it was a miracle that he picked up the phone. So I greeted him and said I am talking to Marty Cooper & I am calling you from a cellular mobile phone. With a device in hand you can carry it any where you want & this is my personal phone. 

Apparently the same but not  same

Martin Cooper :In those days even a big company like AT&T was thinking about what the phone of  future should look like. He developed a revolutionary technology the cellular technology in which telephone calls are passed through a network of opposite cells & this technology uses radio frequency.

Until then your phone must have-been connected to your home or office via a wire. But cellular technology will make it possible 4 you to make phone calls while walking.

But AT&T thought it would install new phones in cars as it thinks such phones will be the best in future. It was not in his mind that in future people would carry phones in their hands.