Why Monkeypox Virus Outbreak and Where is HWO?

Monkeypox virus outbreak : More than 100 cases of MonkeyPox virus have been reported most common monkeypox viral infection in West and Central Africa. German officials called outbreak the largest in the region.

Why Monkeypox Virus Outbreak and Where are HWO

Monkeypox : Cases have now been confirmed in countries outbreak including Britain Italy Portugal Canada  & United States  while France Spain Germany Belgium UK & Australia confirmed their first cases of monkeypox  virus on Friday.

WHO's response to the emergency response Dr. mr Ibrahim Soussfall said this week that many things remain unknown regarding dynamics of the virus outbreak transmission its medical properties & epidemic.

Why Monkeypox Virus Outbreak and Where are HWO

United Kingdom British health officials are investigating whether the disease is .. transmitted. In most cases men were .. with men health officials said.

Cases have also been reported in Spain & Portugal of young men who had sme  with other men. Health officials said the issues were raised only when men came to  se.x.ual health clinic with lesions. However, experts emphasize that they do not know if the disease is spread through se.xu.al contact or other close se. x.ual contact.

What is Monkeypox virus why breakout it?

First identified in monkeys the disease is usually spread by close contact and is rarely spread outside Africa. So this series of lawsuits has raised concerns. However, scientists do not expect that the epidemic will turn into an epidemic like Cove 19 because the virus does not spread as easily as the novel corona virus.

Monkeypox virus usually causes a mild viral illness which is characterized by fever as well as specific spots. The German Armed Forces Medical Service said that with numerous confirmed cases in uk Britain Spain and Portugal it was the largest & most widespread monkeypox virus in Europe to date.

African scientists surprised monkeypox virus:

The extraordinary spread of disease has taken African scientists by surprise. Some people who have watched the various epidemics in Africa say they have never seen smallpox related cases in people from Central and West Africa before.

But he said there had-been reports of infections in the past week in Britain itsly Spain Portugal United State Sweden and Canada. He added that most of the cases were among young people who had never traveled to Africa before.

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MonkeyPox virus outbreak :Im shocked said O Veill Tomori. I wake up every day and many countries are affected. A specialist virologist who previously headed the Nigerian Academy of Sciences and was a member of several WHO advisory boards. This is not kind of spread we have seen in West Africa so something new could happen in the West he said.