What to do if there is defect zero meter car found in showroom?

Buying and selling cars in Pakistan: What to do if there is a defect in the zero meter car found in the showroom?

We had booked two Suzuki Alto cars from an auto dealer in Karachi and before Eid when we arrived to collect Car and other vehicles 1 of the vehicles was fine but the doors of other were painted. We were told that such a thing would happen  & an attempt was made to resolve the matter.

Buying and selling cars in Pakistan:

Buying & selling cars in Pakistan: We were in a hurry to get  car before Eid ul Fitr. We brought  car but after Eid ul Fitr we went to the dealer again but they did not cooperate with us. We also contacted Suzuki customer care but there was no response so we thought we'd go viral.

After the case went viral on social media we were called and asked 4 a new car but they refused & we finally agreed to change the car doors.

Buying and selling cars in Pakistan:

This incident was told to us by Asad Azeem Baig from Karachi city whose post about it has been going viral on social media 4 last few days.

Buying and selling cars in Pakistan: After this post many people on social media not only expressed their anger towards  auto manufacturing companies but also mentioned a few such incidents that happened to them & also advised Asad Azeem Baig to take legal action.

We also tried to contact Pakistan Suzuki regarding this incident & also sent them our questions via e-mail but we have not received any response from them yet.

Buying and selling cars in Pakistan:

On  other hand Asad Azeem Baig told us that  dealer concerned has taken back vehicle from him to change  car doors which will-be delivered to him in two to three days.

Following the discussion on social media about buying & selling a new car in all Pakistan we will try to find out in this article what things to keep in mind when buying a zero meter New cars from any company in Pakistan & if any person If a vehicle (which has a defect in it) is delivered to him then what legal action can he take against company.

No vehicle in Pakistan is new zero meter.

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Sunil Manj chief executive of Pak Whales a leading car buying & selling website in Pakistan claims that no car sold in Pakistan as a new  zero meter is a new zero meter.

He says All the auto manufacturing companies test 30 35 km in factory & load the cars on the truck. These truck mounted vehicles then come to the truck depot because the car carrier is big & there is no commercial transport. Can not enter the city due to best way is to take a single car vehicle carrier to the showroom when the vehicle arrives at base but is it possible to drive vehicles from base to the showroom?

Buying and selling cars in Pakistan: Explaining this Sunil Manj said, No one but all manufacturers do this. When these vehicles are driven on such a road there is a possibility that an accident may happen a motorbike or a bicycle or another vehicle may hit the vehicle.

Sunil Manj said that in this case company does not offer to give you a new car instead of this car but you get same car repaired.

When you buy a car in a foreign country you prefer a car but when you see something wrong with it when you ask me to give you another car they give you another car parked in the showroom Sunil said. We give because all those vehicles are on open liter but this is not case in Pakistan.

Buying and selling cars in Pakistan: If you give your ID card to buy a new car in Pakistan car is made in your name but on the way if the car is damaged you do not paint the new car but same car or It is sprayed &  given.

Sunil insists that they should not-be blindly trusted even if they take a new zero meter car from any company.

If you are asked to sign a form before vehicle is delivered they should inspect vehicle thoroughly before signing he says.

As soon as you take car out of the showroom responsibility of  company ends so open your eyes and inspect the car check it thoroughly.

Buying and selling cars in Pakistan: When buying a car make sure it is not painted. You should know the difference between the original and the re paint. Check the doors check the corners of the car. If the car has an audio system Check the remote check invoices and warranty book.

Sunil Manj says that unfortunately in Pakistan even a new zero meter car has to be checked in the same way as when you buy an old car you see different things.

But how can a normal user test these details?

In this regard Sunil Manj says that when taking delivery of a new car take some one with you who understands these details.

Sunil Manj added that if there is no one to accompany you at time of delivery of the vehicle then there are many professional companies that provide vehicle inspection facility.

Using this facility you can have the vehicle inspected before delivery he says. If you are also going to get a new vehicle call inspection team & have  vehicle inspected & then take delivery of the vehicle.

But despite all these precautions if a car is delivered to a customer with a defect then what legal route can he take?

Talking in this regard lawyer of Islam High Court Fatima Butt told us that when a consumer buys any item or product from a company & there is any defect in it or that item does not meet standards stated by company. So user can take legal action against this company.

There is a Consumer Protection Act for that he said. In this regard federation has its own law while there are also laws at provincial level.

Lawyer Fatima Butt says that once you find out that there is something wrong with product or that quality is not what company claimed you can send a legal notice to company concerned within 15 days. company is legally obliged to respond to you within 15 days.

If  company does not respond to your legal notice you can take your case to consumer court. At the district level there are consumer courts in every province.

Lawyer Fatima Butt added: The court can call the company concerned issue a notice court can order company to change the product & give the consumer something new without any defect. But if the product cannot be changed company will pay a penalty to the consumer. Even if the company does not compensate the consumer, the court may sentence the owners of the company and may also impose a temporary sentence.

Fatima Butt clarified that the Consumer Protection Act applies not only to vehicles or large items but also to smallest item purchased from any company.