The good and the bad of Deep Fake: What is Deep Fake and how hard is it to catch it?

Deep Fake Video and Post  :Once upon a time it was said If you see it with your own eyes then you will believe it ?

There is a lot of talk in Pakistani politics today about Deep Fake Technology which started after statement of former PM Imran Khan in which he said that in coming days he will be portrayed through a doctored video.

What is Deep Fake and how hard is it to catch it?

After this various leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI made various tweets related to Deep Fake Technology in which they tried to tell their supporters how anyone can be deceived by this type of technology.

What is Deep fake Video?

Simply put deep fake is a technique used to put a persons face & another person face on a person face which makes viewer think that he is watching a video of a person who is actually Not at all.

What is Deep Fake and how hard is it to catch it?

Deep Fake: So most people think that Photoshop or other such editing software does the same thing whether they are deep fake or Real. So the answer is no. We often edit an image ourselves with the help of software like Photoshop while Deep Fake technology learns to do so with the help of data provided by software through artificial intelligence which is in the form of images Photos & videos. ۔

For example :  if I were to make a  Dancer. Michael Jackson Deep fake video I would collect a number of Michael Jackson photos & videos with the help of which the Deep fake Maker software would examine his facial expressions & expressions. If I put Jackson face on my face Deep Fake technology will not only change my face from Michael Jacksons face but also make my facial expressions & expressions look like Michael Jackson face & impressions.

What is Deep Fake and how hard is it to catch it?

The only downside to using Deep Fake technology?

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Deep Fake: Knowing about this technology it often comes to mind that purpose of this technology is to make a fake-video but this is not  case.

According to cyber security expert Mr  Rafi Baloch this technology has also-been used in Hollywood movies. 4 example before  end of filming of the famous film Fast & Furious Seven its main character Paul Walker was killed in a road accident. But Paul Walker face was covered which made  viewers think that Paul was also in this scene while he was his brother.

What is Deep Fake and how hard is it to catch it?

Similarly deep faked technology was also used in politics when Manoj Tiwari a leader of India's ruling BJP released a video in various languages ​​in 2020 elections asking voters to cast their votes for the BJP. Now apparently there was nothing wrong in this video except that  person giving the message in English was-not Manoj Tiwari but someone else whose face was covered with Manoj face and his voice was made like Manoj's.

However its use in American politics has been negative when a video of former President Barack Obama was released in which he can be-seen using vulgar words 4 Donald Trump during his address to the nation. But it was actually a deep fake video and Barack Obama never uttered such words.

Deep Fake Video :There is a lot of talk in Pakistani politics today about Deep Fake Technology which started after the statement of former Prime Minister Imran Khan in which he said that in  coming days he will be portrayed through a doctored video. 

Experts fear that as the technology becomes more common its misuse & spread of misinformation will become more common which could pose a threat to democracy & law & order in future.

According to cyber security expert Mr Rafi Baloch deep videos of celebrities & political figures are easier than making videos of a common man.

You need as many videos and pictures of this person as possible to make a deep fake video. That why it is so easy to make deep fake videos of celebrities.

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1 of the disadvantages of Deep Fake technology is that it can be used to create pornographic videos. There are many fake videos of Hollywood & Bollywood actors on the internet which have been made with help of deep fake technology.

Is it possible to identify deep fake video?

We showed the public a real and deep fake video and asked them if they could tell which video was real. Surprisingly many people managed to recognize Deep Fake video.

According to Me Rafi Baloch if a less experienced person makes a deep fake video it is easy to identify him.

But problem is that the video is as difficult to identify as it is skillfully made & because these videos are made with machine learning it is possible 4 machine to recognize it. Be successful in dodging method.

However research conducted under auspices of Department of the Interior at various US United States universities is developing software to identify deep fake videos.

But experts believe that because identifying deep fake videos whether they are real or Fake is a complex and time consuming process so it is possible that by time it is determined that the viral video is deep fake the damage has been done.

Imagine if someone made a deep fake video of Indian Prime Minister in which he is saying that his army is going to attack Pakistan then will Pakistan wait till we know  authenticity of this video or immediately to protect our country. Retaliation