Unusual heat wave : What causes the weather to intensify?

Karachi : From now on a severe heat wave is being witnessed in some parts of India & Pakistan

Global Climate change is causing people around the world to experience extreme heat waves catastrophic floods & wildfires.

Unusual heat wave : What causes the weather to intensify?

Parts of Pakistan & northwestern India saw temperatures above 50 degrees Celsius last weekend.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the industrial age emissions from  burning of fossil fuels have been increasing the heat in  atmosphere. As a result average temperature rose by 1.1 degrees Celsius.

This extra heat is unevenly distributed & we are currently seeing extreme form of it.

It should be noted that this trend will-continue without any reduction in global carbon emissions.

Unusual heat wave : What causes the weather to intensify?

Here are 4 ways to look at how Global climate change is contributing to extreme weather.

1. Hotter and longer heat waves Climate change

To understand effects of small changes in average temperature look at it as if it is a bell with extreme cold or extreme heat at both ends & most of the temperature is in middle.

That is if there is even a small change in the center of the bell or in the center it means that its effects will be visible on both ends & thus heat & cold waves will become more and more intense.

Unusual heat wave : What causes the weather to intensify?

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Met Office in United Kingdom UK says heat waves have more than doubled in  last 50 years.

The department says heat waves could cause intensification or lengthening due to another seasonal phenomenon heat dome.

In a region of high pressure hot air is pushed down & in some places it gets trapped causing temperatures to rise across continent.

When a hurricane hits a jet stream made up of high velocity currents it can look like a skipping rope with the jumping rope moving at 1 end & accompanying waves moving.

These waves cause everything to slow down rapidly  weather system can stay stuck in area for many days.

Similar stagnant weather is also responsible for record heat in India all & Pakistan. This year has-been hottest march in India since record was set in 122 years due to persistent high pressure & below normal rainfall.

Among hottest marches in Pakistan hottest march has-been recorded in Karachi whether it is day temperature or night temperature. Due to heat wave in April records are breaking again in Pakistan.

Jacobabad recorded a temperature of 49 degrees Celsius on 1 occasion while Central & North West India are also facing record breaking temperatures.

The UK United Kingdom Meteorological Department has warned that temperatures could reach 50 degrees Celsius in some parts of region this weekend and could rise further by the end of next week. These heat levels are on average about 5 7 times higher at this time of year.

Southern hemisphere Argentina Uruguay Paraguay & Brazil all experienced a historic heatwave in January with many areas reporting their hottest days.

This month Anslo in Western Australia recorded a temperature of 50.7 degrees Celsius most reliable temperature ever recorded in Southern Hemisphere.

Over Heat climate change: Long heat waves were observed in North America last year. Temperatures in western Canada Layton reached 49.6 degrees Celsius about 5 degrees higher than the previous record. World Weather Attribution Network says that such a severe heat wave is almost impossible without  Global climate change.