Texas 19 children from second to fourth Class were killed in school firing

US : At least 21 people including 19 children were killed in a shooting at a primary school in the US state united State of Texas on Tuesday. Ages of the children killed in  second to fourth CLASS are said to be between seven &  10 years.

Texas 19 children from second to fourth Class were killed in school firing

Texas Governor. Greg Abbott confirmed the incident saying man used a handgun & a rifle.

Incident took place in Ovalde Texas US  during which an 18 year old man opened fire at Rob Elementary School.

State Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the suspect had-been killed & that reports had surfaced that he had been killed by law enforcement officers who arrived on scene.

Texas Police have launched an investigation instructing public to stay away from the school.

United State ' It should be noted that despite the increase in shooting incidents in the United States such incidents are rarely seen in any primary school where children between ages of 5 & 11 are studying.

Attack comes at a time when such violence is on the rise in  United States of America.

Texas 19 children from second to fourth Class were killed in school firing

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the 18-lyear old assailant was a local man who killed children & a teacher in a horrific & incomprehensible manner.

According to him ² officers who reached the spot were also injured in the shooting but their condition is out of danger.

According to local US American media  accused also tried to kill a woman before firing at the school. The attacker was a local high school student according to British news partner CBS.

The Olday School District about 85 miles west of San Antonio near the Mexican border told British news that students had been evacuated from school. 5 hundred children were studying in this school.

According to the local hospital many students are being treated in emergency service.

Old Memorial Hospital said through its Facebook page that 13 children were brought by ambulance and bus. 2 of them were dead.

Town of Ovalde has a population of about 16,000 & the local high school was to hold its graduation ceremony on Friday.

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Firing in the United States: 5 recent bloody incidents

The number of school shootings in the United States of. America US has risen sharply in recent years with 26 such incidents occurring in the past year alone according to Edwick an educational publishing house.

That's why in the United States US primary and high school childrens are given exercises aimed at dealing with such a situation.

United States Earlier in 2012 a shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the US state of Connecticut shook the entire country. Of the 26 people killed in incident 20 were between the ages of 5 & 6. The attacker was 20 years old.

According to the US United States Government 2020 report most shootings, about  2 3rd took place in high school level institutions and at the elementary school level such incidents were mostly accidental.