Skilled people who are earning thousands of dollars from internships

Many employees feel that an internship means that they will-have to do menial jobs at a company for a minimum wage. Such as handling files or arranging office supplies but there are some interns who are earning more than 8,000 a month in big companies like Ober & Amazon.

Skilled people who are earning thousands of dollars from internships

Skilled people :During April 2022 an annual survey by the job review website Glass Door found out which are  highest paid internships in US United States Of America. These are the internships that you can earn far more than average annual income of an American worker in just 1 year.

At top of the list is a gaming company Roblox where the monthly salary of an intern is around US 96 9667. Other More companies such as Microsoft Deutsche Bank & eBay pay their interns about 7,000 a month.

Glass Door has been monitoring the best earning internships since 2017& has seen revenue of interns go up every year.

According to election observers and fake news experts the situation has-not improved since then but has worsened.

Fake news system Skilled people

John is part of  fake news ecosystem. He says about 30 trolls work 4 him. Their goal is to gather support for their customers even if they are spreading false news.

He says he has-been doing this secretly for many years. He says that sometimes he tries to find secret information about his opponents which can cause him embarrassment.

It is a common practice to conduct research against opponents. On other occasions however they make up their own minds.

Skilled people :In 2013 we spread fake news in a province he was monitoring he said that of spreading false information about a politicians opponent.

We got the phone number of a famous politician and photoshopped him & sent him a message in which he disguised himself & said that I need a midwife. In the end it worked out well 4 my client.

To confirm this claim videos from Facebook accounts run by them have-been sent to the LNN NEWS.

Skilled people :WhatsApp screenshots bank slips & fake IDs and SIM cards were also sent to  people they work with to facilitate Facebook verification process.

We are keeping their identities secret because of concerns about their safety.

He says More that another method they use is to create non political pages & groups which eventually lead to spread of political propaganda.

Meta says it has removed several networks in Philippines that tried to deceive people with fake news. These include 400 accounts pages & groups that have violated Facebook policies.

Skilled people who are earning thousands of dollars from internships

Open secret Skilled people

In run up to the country elections many leaders have expressed concern about  impact of false news on results.

In an interview with a Philippine news channel presidential candidate Leni Robredo described his initial approach to ignoring fake news as unsuccessful.

Repeated lies become truth he added.

Another presidential candidate and former boxer Mini Pekiao has also spoken out against controlling fake news & counterfeit news.

What we're seeing is a cat & mouse fight between platforms, fact checkers & researchers said Jonathan Corpus Ong, an associate professor at Harvard University & a researcher on counterfeit news. They are exposing those who are spreading fake news & these operators are trying to keep it secret.

In 2018, Ong was the co author of a report that conducted a series of secret interviews over a 1 year period interviewing strategists & digital workers who were behind spread of fake news in the Philippines.

Skilled people: In this report he expresses the view that there are a large number of people involved in spreading fake news including advertisers & public opinion strategists who bring together influencers & fake account creators. ۔

Skilled people who are earning thousands of dollars from internships

Ong claims that it is an open secret who these people are even though  payments made by them are made in secret.

Organized style Skilled people

There are also groups in the Philippines working against fake news including lawyers church leaders universities & media outlets.

The LNN NEWS has spoken to a number of expert including Celine Samson who heads a team of fact checkers at Vera Files. There was also talk of Twi La Veda the leader of the anti misinformation movement.

Both of them pointed out the systematic spread of false news in which the strategy of posting from multiple pages as well as posting on platforms at a specific time is clear.

Earlier this year a study was published which claimed that Ferdinand Bong Bong Marcos Jr. who is currently leading the presidential race is benefiting most from fake news while his opponent Lenny Robredo is most affected by this.

Marcus Sr. s reign which spanned 2 decades until 1986 is known for its extrajudicial killings & violence against dissidents. Human rights group Amnesty International says 70,000 people have-been jailed 34,000 tortured and 3,240 killed.

Skilled people :We investigated the false news of 2021 election & found out that most of it was in favor of Bong Bong Marcos says Samson. It said his family didn't steal money from government coffers and that his father had never been involved in human rights abuses.

We have also seen a number of attacks on Roberto on social media in which he has-been portrayed as making inappropriate or irrational statements he added.

Family rebranding Skilled people

In an interview with Philippine news agency Repeller in 2020 Britney Kaiser, who revealed about Cambridge Analytica said  Marcos Jr. had asked the company 4 help in 2016 to give a better impression of his family.

A spokesman 4 Bong Bong Marcos denied the allegations at  time calling them completely false fake News & misleading.

Earlier this year Twitter announced that it had shut down hundreds of accounts that support Bong Bong Marcos and are violating Twitter policies.

When we spoke to Marcos Jr. about his campaign, there was no response from him before the news broke.

During the interviews Bong Bong Marcos says he is targeted by fact checkers who have their own political agenda. He has denied using troll accounts 4 his campaign.

Are platforms working 4 prevention?

Skilled people:John who calls himself a troll says he refused when he was asked by a friend to spread false news about a presidential candidate. This claim could-not be independently verified by the LNN NEWS.

John didn't name the presidential candidate but said he was not Bong Bong Marcos.

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YouTube which is owned by Google says 400,000 videos uploaded from the Philippines between February 2021 & January 2022 have-been removed following  removal & suspension of several accounts and pages by Twitter &  Facebook.

However  question remains whether this is enough.It takes-more time to prove a lie than it takes to make a fake story says Samson.