Rumors about Riphah University spreading on social media what's the matter?

Riphah University :On Saturday evening many photos & rumors circulating on Pakistani social media regarding Riphah University in Islamabad which created fear among  people.

Riphah University spreading on social media what's the matter

Pictures of some of the corpses lying in a meadow have-been circulating on social media claiming that they were students of the Riphah University campus in the Gul berg Greens area of ​​Islamabad who were allegedly killed for not wearing Islamic dress. Has gone

An image of a threatening text on a typed slip also circulated with pictures of  bodies which have-not yet been confirmed.

However Islamabad police said that no incident of finding bodies at Riphah University has been reported to the police and no reports have been received however police are still investigating the matter.

Riphah University has also denied the incident saying that no such incident had taken place with  university or any student.

Where is Riphah University located?

Riphah International University has several campuses in Islamabad & Rawalpindi and the incident was said to have taken place in the area of ​​Gulberg Greens which is located on one side of Islamabad Expressway a road leading from Islamabad to Rawat.

The area is located far from the center of Islamabad & location of  campus inside Gulberg Greens is not very densely populated.

Riphah University spreading on social media what's the matter

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Gulberg Greens campus is for women only.

Initial notifications claims and photos

 Riphah University :  summary of claims shared on various social media accounts was that two female students of Riphah University Gulberg Greens campus were killed & 3 female students were abducted from a hostel near  campus.

It is alleged that ambassador provided  information to Hussein.

But after a while it was confirmed through reverse image search that the photos being shared are actually from Klarkahar area of ​​Chakwal district & are several weeks old.

In addition several girls claiming to be students at Riphah University also tweeted that no such incident had taken place at their university.

A police official at the Coral police station speaking on condition of anonymity told the British news that the police had gone to  university for further investigation after the rumors spread on social media. I haven't come

He said that usually reports of incidents like kidnapping or murder are received by  police immediately as immediate action is required in such cases so if the incident has not come to the notice of  police yet then it is possible that I am not honest.

However police have insisted that they are monitoring  situation of Riphah University.

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The British news spoke to a few female students at Riphah University about the incident but they were unaware of any such incident.

When a student was asked about the girl who was allegedly the victim of the incident he said that he had heard that the girl was a junior of his but he did-not know more details.