Rebecca Grant an analyst provided evidence of American conspiracy in Pakistan

Rebecca Grant: What has Rebecca Grant an analyst who provided evidence of American conspiracy got to do with the Biden administration?

Rebecca Grant: Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan has termed  no confidence motion tabled by the opposition as an American conspiracy regardless of the presence of any conspiracy at its last meeting of Pakistan,s National Security Committee. However Chairman PTI Imran Khan believes that his government ended due to American conspiracy.

Rebecca Grant an analyst provided evidence of American conspiracy in Pakistan

A few days before the fall of  PTI government, on March 27 in a public meeting in the federal American capital Islamabad He  raised a conspiracy letter which he later called a cipher or diplomatic post. Occasionally there are various proofs in this regard.

Rebecca Grant: Maintaining this continuity Former PM Imran Khan shared a video yesterday Monday as evidence of this alleged conspiracy in which Dr. Rebecca a United State national security expert during a program on US news channel Fox News.Pakistan will have to limit its relations with China and curb its Anti policies which led to the vote of Prime Minister Imran Khan in the no confidence motion he said.

Rebecca Grant an analyst provided evidence of American conspiracy in Pakistan

Rebecca Grant an analyst provided evidence of American conspiracy in Pakistan

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Posting the video the former prime minister claimed that if anyone has any doubts about the US United State conspiracy to change the government this video will dispel all doubts that a democratically elected prime minister & his government Why was it removed?

Rebecca Grant:Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has questioned the administration of United State President Joe Biden over his involvement in a plot to overthrow the democratically elected prime minister of a country of more than 220 million people and bring in a puppet prime minister. Do you think that you-have reduced or increased anti American sentiments in Pakistan?

Following Imran Khan,s tweet everyone from PTI  pakistan Tehreek Insaf leaders to supporters appeared to be calling Rebecca Grant analysis evidence of an American conspiracy to overthrow  PTI government.

Remember Fox News is one of the channels that leans towards the Republican Party of America. So the question is who is Rebecca Grant an analyst affiliated with this channel and is she a representative of the US government? & is it right to present one of their analyzes as evidence?

Who is Rebecca Grant?

Rebecca Grant: In her Twitter bio Rebecca described herself as a national security analyst. She describes herself as the author of air power issues a person with a penchant for military operations &  aerospace tech and a contributor to Fox News.

Rebecca Grant: According to the Fox News website Rebecca has been with Fox News since March 2022. She analyzes ( invasion of (U.kra.ine) & other national security and military issues.

Rebecca Grant is president of IRIS Independent Research. It is a small business owned by women specializing in defense & aerospace research and consulting.

According to the IRIS website Grant is often seen as a national security expert on Fox News Fox Business Smithsonian Channel CNN MSNBC OANN & Veteran Radio. Come

Rebecca Grant: Dr. Grant has been a guest speaker at various venues on air power and technology. She has also lectured at the USAF Air University & for  Air Forces of the United Kingdom Netherlands italy Australia & Turkey.

He holds a BA from Wellesley College & a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics in United Kingdom London.

Rebecca Grant: Dr. Grant's 1st job was with RAND a research and development think tank in Santa Monica California a non profit think tank on global policy. She has spent three years on the Air Staff at the Pentagon where she served directly as Secretary of the Air Force & Chief of Staff of  Air Force.

His professional experience includes a 1 year service as Vice President Defense Programs for DFI Government Services  as a Senior Fellow at the Lexington Institute.

In American circles he is considered a supporter of the Trump administration & an opponent of Biden. She has repeatedly voiced support 4 Trumps travel bans on Muslim countries on several TV channels.

Rebecca Grant: Dr. Grant is not a representative of United State government but is about to become a big name in Pakistan.

Throughout his professional career Dr. Grant has never represented the United States Government. Grant has no government position & is not a spokesman 4 ruling party.

Many American analysts on social media have commented on Imran Khan's claim & tried to tell him that the woman you are referring to has nothing to do with  Biden administration but has-been in United State government in the past. Are no longer part of Rebecca is a right wing supporter and her personal views can not be the opinion of the Biden administration.

Dr. Grant runs a private research firm says Michael Kogelman deputy director of the Wilson Center in Washington. She is not a representative of the United States government but she will soon become a big name in Pakistan.

Rebecca Grant: He further added that video shows that some quarters in the United States have strong views about Pakistan & they have unrealistic expectations from this country. But that doesn't prove the conspiracy of the United State government.

On this tweet Dr. Arsalan Khalid, the former Prime Minister's focal person for digital media asked Michael Do you mean that Dr. Grant said this without any reason? He is a US defense analyst and of course there is a strong impression in United State think tanks that the US has to play its part in overthrowing  former PM Imran Khan's government. If not then why did he make these remarks. ?

Michael wrote in response: Respectfully presenting this analyst's statement as evidence of truth or American conspiracy is tantamount to confirming prejudice. & there is no perception in American think tanks about the role of the US in overthrowing former PM Imran Khan's government as you are saying. This is the personal opinion of an independent analyst.