Imran Khan announces long march towards Islamabad on May 25

PTI Long March on May 25 Imran Khan call to reach Islamabad

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has given a date of May 25 for the long march on the demand of announcing the date of general elections.

Long march Date: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI &  former PM Imran Khan announced Long March 25 May and  said that core committee meeting was held today Islamabad has decided to march not only PTI workers. Long March .I am inviting the whole nation. We will meet in Islamabad on May 25. People from all walks of life should participate in the long march. Long March Date We will not recognize these thieves. I will meet you on Srinagar Highway at 3 pm. Yes I am inviting all women to participate in Long March. We demand that Assembly be dissolved and elections be declared long march.

Imran Khan announces long march towards Islamabad on May 25

 Former PM Imran Khan has asked his supporters to arrive in Islamabad on May 25 for  long march and has announced that he will remain in Islamabad till announcement of new election date.

Chairman Pti Imran Khan has also asked  army to stick to its declaration of neutrality

The motion was disposed of in the Punjab Assembly due to absence of member who moved the no confidence motion against  Speaker & sitting was adjourned.

PML-N has again filed a No confidence motion against Speaker Punjab Assembly

Election Commission has terminated  membership of 25 deviant members of PTI in  Punjab Assembly who had voted for Hamza Shahbaz.

On a presidential reference to the interpretation of Article 63A Supreme Court in  2 3rd  majority ruled that votes of dissident members would not be counted & that Parliament could legislate 4 period of their disqualification.

Speaking at a press conference in Peshawar Imran Khan said that long March & about institutions have said that if we are neutral then stay neutral I tell  police bureaucracy and army we will not disrupt we have always been peaceful in 26 years of politics There is a war and I am ready to go to any lengths 4 it. Death is better than being a slave. If the bureaucracy takes any illegal action action will be taken. It is said again and again that life is in danger there is no danger. It is feared that these people will shut down petrol diesel & internet this revolution is coming.

Mr Imran khan said that an external conspiracy against Pakistan was hatched by US United States. For regime change also Talk Bout Long March PTI they had brought together corrupt people. This conspiracy started from last 8 months. We were trying to prevent this conspiracy from succeeding. Unfortunately we could not stop this conspiracy. On March 7 US United States Under Secretary threatened our ambassador. Donald Low said that if we do not remove Imran Khan then there will-be problems for Pakistan Yes this conspiracy was not against me but against Pakistan.

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The former prime minister Imran khan further said that our GDP growth was at 6% the country was moving forward country was moving forward for 1st time since 1960s, the country had record crops, farmers got money IT exports. Increase to 75% for the first time. When we came in government Pakistan had an external deficit of 20 billion. We were taking country out of difficult situation. The world set an example.