Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, he said that our protest was peaceful.

In Lahore, the police kicked the lawyers out of the buses and killed them. The government used the Punjab police. Do

This is propaganda against us that we were going to spread chaos, will anyone go to spread chaos with women and their families? These people are believers of Yazid. Despite killing 14 people in Model Town, they were not punished. If they were found, these people would not be able to commit such atrocities.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, he said that our protest was peaceful.

"I am the man who sat in the sit-in for 126 days. It was not difficult for me to sit in the sit-in anymore. When we arrived at the sit-in, it was assumed that the situation was not good. "People were ready to fight. Our people got there after being beaten by the police. They were very angry. People were very angry. I guarantee that there would be bloodshed that day and there would be a clash with the police."

He said that the government has installed glue butts, it is not the fault of the police, it is being used, if we had a confrontation, the country would have been harmed. The gulf between the institutions and the people in the country has widened. If anyone thinks that we will sit back and accept this imported government, then it is the mistake of the people.

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Imran Khan said that we are giving six days, if he did not clearly announce the date of elections and did not dissolve the assemblies then we will go out again and this time we will go out prepared because he did not know that We will have to face such situations. Despite the order of the Supreme Court, the obstacles in the way of our meeting have not been removed. They have been removed by the workers. I salute my workers.