Pasoori  hits in India: Coke studio music touching hearts across borders

Cook Studio new song Pasoori is currently the biggest hit in India

This song has broken barriers of language religion nationality & touched hearts. Accept love for India.

Pasoori  hits in India: Coke studio music touching hearts across borders

Welcome to the most enjoyable part of the Internet world in Indian subcontinent this is Coke Studio comment section on YouTube.

Pasoori  hits in India: Coke studio

Coke Studio Pakistan is the longest running music show ever made by Coca Cola. It includes performances recorded in studio by famous singers of country.

Music ranges from pop soul touching verses to rap songs with a lot of folk & classical music.

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Series was a huge success in Pakistan from the very beginning but what surprised its creators was its growing popularity in India. The 2 countries have a long standing animosity which despite their common history continues to stand in  way of cultural exchange.

The famous Indian musician Shatano Moitra told British news that although Cook Studio Pakistan would never have thought that they would get so much love for India.& it was more successful here than Coke Studio India. That the decent thing to do & it should end there.

Pasoori  hits in India:

Comments from Indian fans on Cook Studio YouTube channel

Despite  strained relations between  2 countries Indians & Pakistanis have always shown close closeness to each other art & culture.

Millions of Indians still sing  songs of Pakistani singers Ghulam Ali and Abida Parveen. Generations of Pakistanis have grown up watching Indian films & Bollywood films have set box office records here. Pakistani television dramas are also very popular in India.

Until a few years ago artists from both countries worked together on film & music projects. But political opposition also resurfaced in cultural sphere. Bollywood started removing Pakistani actors from  projects & Pakistan banned Indian films.

But  love for Cook Studios remained.

Cook Studio included the most famous singers of subcontinent including Abida Parveen

Show was launched by Pakistani musician Rohail Hayat who produced 9 of its 14 seasons.

Rohail Hayat says that in his youth in  1980 he used to happily jamming songs from Pink Floyd & Doors. He says he lived for years in  Western Bubble where listening to regional music was considered sophisticated & stereotyped.

Pasoori  hits in India: Coke studio

But his views began to change when he started working as a producer with famous artists like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

I felt there was a lot of depth in our music. It was a moment of awakening for me.

Rohail Hayat then embarked on an amazing musical journey experimenting with fusion & selective music. He devised new ways of presenting traditional voices of Pakistan.

Idea was to share our traditional music with world but with a pleasant voice says Rohail.

Coca Cola launched the show in 2005 with idea of ​​a promotional project in Brazil.

There were challenges along the way. Rohail Hayat says that he faced a lot of doubts & in the 1st season released in 2008 he was allowed to sing only 3 to 4 songs experimentally. But those songs became most popular he said.

Rohail Hayat incorporated folk music into Cook Studios

After more than a decade Coke Studio Pakistan is becoming more popular among millions of fans in other countries than ever before. Both India & Bangladesh have their own versions but original 1 are still the most popular.

An Indian fan says Every song has a history &  a soul but it also has a playfulness that makes your heart want to get up & dance.

Show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Faisal Kapadia lead singer of the Strings band. He says that Pakistani Coke Studio includes all kinds of Pakistani music from pop to poetry. All of them have-been brought on one platform.

Faisal Kapadia told British News Every time a new producer takes command he adds his own style to his music. You get different tastes every season. 

On 1 hand Rohail Hayat added imaginative feeling to his music and took it to this zone. On the other hand Kapadia added a lot of traditional poetry and words of Sufi saint Amir Khosrow. Used what was special about his music & what he grew up listening to classical music.

Faisal Kapadia said It like a James Bond movie every time actor changes but  feeling of  movie remains same.