Murder of young Jazlan Faisal over minor altercation in Karachi: He was my stick someone broke my stick .

Murder of young Jazlan Faisal over minor altercation in Karachi

We had just celebrated Jazlan 18th birthday two months ago and then made his identity card. This is what a small plant if you grow it, irrigate it protect it from heat  cold then it will grow big and some one will cut it. The way an old man has a stick age at which I was at that time was my stick some one broke my stick what a great injustice.

Murder of young Jazlan Faisal over minor altercation in Karachi

These are the words of Sabir Ali Khan grandfather of Jazlan Faisal an 18 year old student who was killed in a minor altercation on  night of May 24 in Karachi for refusing to allow a motorcyclist to race.

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اسرائیل کے صدر نے پاکستانی وفد سے ملاقات کی تصدیق کر دی

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Karachi police have registered a case of murder on the complaint of Jazlan uncle Arif Sabir & arrested one of the three accused. Police officials told British News that suspects had been identified with the help of CCTV footage and that 2 other suspects would soon be arrested & brought to justice.

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Arif Sabir told the British that Jazlan Faisal had become an orphan as a child. His father had died in an accident ten years ago. Were living

Jazlan an ICMA student was preparing for next months exams with friends.

How was Jazlan Faisal killed?

Arif Sabir said that his nephew Jazlan Faisal along with his other friends was still busy preparing for his exams. He used to go to our house & sometimes to his friend house in a private housing society in Bahria Town.

According to him on the night of February 24, Jazlan left for Bahria Town with his friends and on the way a motorcyclist raced and came in front of his car. According to him Jazlan saved his life & then stopped the car & told him that in this way you could have a big accident &   police have to catch us again.

This was very offensive to the motorcyclist and he parked his motorcycle in front of Jizlan Faisal car on Shahra-e-Faisal and started calling. According to him, Jazlan's friends advised him to go ahead and while driving, when Jazlan reached in front of the Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town three accused who were chasing him opened fire on him, leaving a bullet in Jazlan faisal head. He died on the spot.

Shameer a friend of Jazlan's, was also shot in the head seriously injuring him. Jazlan and Shameer were first taken to a nearby hospital after which they were shifted to Jinnah Hospital in Karachi and then to Aga Khan Hospital.

Murder of young Jazlan Faisal over minor altercation in Karachi

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Jazlan was also placed on a ventilator, but was shot in the head.

After saying goodbye he turned back & said goodbye.

After the accidental death of Jazlan fathe Jazlan Faisal mother had remarried and Jazlan used to spend most of his time with his grandparents & he used to call his grandmother Taslim Sabir as Ami.

Jazlans grandmother Taslim said that we had given Jazlan a room at home where he used to prepare for exams with his friends. According to him on the 24th Jazlan said that he would now go to his friend house for further preparation. At my insistence, they started telling me that just like my mother asks you my friend Shameer mother also asks you to prepare at home &  spend time here.