Former PM Imran Khan apologizes for statement regarding Maryam Nawaz

If you think woman criticizes then she is interested in you.

Islambad: It is not a joke. This is unbearable behavior. Every one should apologize for this. Whether it is  former PM Imran Khan or someone else.

Imran Khan apologizes for statement regarding Maryam Nawaz

Former PM Imran Khan statement regarding Maryam Nawaz has-been commented on by social media user Alishba.

Reaction to Imran Khan inappropriate remarks about Maryam Nawaz during a Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI meeting in Multan has-been intensifying since last evening with representatives of the ruling coalition & some social activists demanding an apology. Is.

Imran Khan apologizes for statement regarding Maryam Nawaz

PTI chairman Imran khan had said in his speech yesterday Look at Maryam pay attention your husband should not be angry. The way you take my name.

While former PM Imran Khan political opponents are busy proving that he is an anti woman by nature many in his party are coming forward to defend him. Criticism is justified.

On the other hand some users on social media are of opinion that prejudiced comments against women in politics should not be tolerated even if they belong to any party.

In what way did  former PM Imran Khan start & end  talk?

Former Pm Imran Khan was giving the same speech that he has-been giving during the meetings for last several days. Suddenly he said in a very normal way: Someone sent me a speech on social media. Maryam was giving a speech somewhere yesterday. Sent me on social media.

She took my name in it so many times & with such passion & obsession that I want to say to her Look Maryam Nawaz pay close attention so that your husband doesn't get angry as you take my name.

While the statement of former PM of Pakistan  and chairman PTI Imran Khan was strongly condemned on social media some social media users also expressed different views.

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One user Zoya Khan said For me former prime Minister Imran Khan and his words are not disturbing but the reaction of  audience the noise applause of their listeners is what frightens me.