Extreme heat waves in South Asia including India &Pakistan: How can you keep your home cool without AC?

Climate change is a global Climate change concern. The earth temperature is constantly rising. Glaciers are melting some where & forest fires are starting somewhere.

House Cool : People are worried about heat. Air conditioners AC are being installed in homes & offices to control the heat.

How can you keep your home cool without AC?

But  AC air conditioners heat outside more than they cool the inside.

House Cool Gas System : According to experts l gas coming out of air conditioners has a big hand in Global climate change. If air AC conditioners are a loss making deal what other way is there to cool homes?

How can you keep your home cool without AC?

How can you keep your home cool without AC?

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Ravi River City Punjab 

California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco exemplifies this. entire roof of this building is green. This helps keep  building temperature low.

Building: In addition there are open windows on the roof from where cool air comes in Even on hot days 1 can spend time here without AC air conditioner.

How to keep Buildings cool

Due to rapid rise in temperature engineers & Building designers are now considering designing similar buildings. According to research by 2050 number of air conditioners worldwide will triple from current 1.

Sleep well in the heat but how ?

The heat wave & human body

When we did not have electric fans coolers AC & Air conditioners buildings were built with  passage of air in mind.

Building design was an experiment said Elsdair Mc Gregor a building designer at the California Academy of Sciences. The experiment sought to determine extent to which 1 could live without  Ac air conditioners.

The use of horses in Spain

Experiment worked well-in homes schools and small offices but not in buildings like hospitals where cooling is needed 4 both patients & machines.

So there will be a need for AC Air Conditioner. But better building plans can reduce that need.

Process of evaporation has an effect on cooling things. That is why the sweat that comes out of body in heat also keeps the body cool.

In many parts of Spain large earthen jars are filled with water which is called botio.

The soil in the pot cools water once it has absorbed water.

Same method can be used to map buildings.

When  wind hits the cold pits it cools itself.

Mughal buildings

If a fountain is installed in an open part of the house such  yard it will also help in reducing the heat.

The practice of cooling buildings with water has been practiced since ancient times. Wells & fountains can be seen in all  buildings of Mughal period.

The same method was used by Indian architect Manit Restoring to construct  Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur.

House Cooler :There are nets all around  Pearl Academy building. At a distance of 4 feet from the walls of the building 3 is a perforated stone wall which keeps the inner wall in its shadow.

When the outside temperature is 40 degrees  inside temperature is 29 degrees.

If a building doesn't have capacity to dig a large well water can be pumped underground by laying a pipeline underground. This method can be used in both hot & cold seasons. This method is common in many parts of northern China.

Water will reduce the temperature by 2 degrees

A large number of cities are being settled in name of development. But these cities are actually concrete jungles where smoke from cars & use of big machines in factories is raising the temperature.

But now there is an emphasis on planting more trees in cities. In US American city of Colombia, the administration is building green corridors throughout the city.

Government effort has helped reduce temperatures by up to 2 degrees.

Monica Turner a meteorologist said By creating a green corridor temperatures can be reduced by up to 5 degrees. Other cities are now considering adopting same method.

The city administration of Milan Italy has set a target of planting 300,000 trees by 2030. Similar efforts are under way in Melbourne Australia.

Air conditioners are used to cool  atmosphere but in fact its cooling is throwing us into  furnace.

If the use of AC Air Conditioner continues day is not far when AC Air  conditioners will die in hot days.

So in time we should all start following the traditional methods of fighting heat.