Did PM Shahbaz Sharif government deprive overseas Pakistanis of right to vote?

Islambad: Ruling coalition has passed a bill in the National Assembly of Pakistan to amend  Election Act 2017 repealing the previous government amendments regarding the use of electronic voting machines & right of overseas Pakistanis to vote in  next general elections.

Did PM Shahbaz Sharif government deprive overseas Pakistanis of right to vote?

PTI Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Deputy Chairman Mr Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that his government had given  right to vote to 9 million overseas Pakistanis but now it has been taken away. However government ministers have clarified that Pakistanis living abroad are  assets of  country and they have not-been deprived of the right to vote but a better solution is being sought for their participation in the elections.

Did PM Shahbaz Sharif government deprive overseas Pakistanis of right to vote?

It may be recalled that  previous government had passed these amendments last year&  opposition had walked out of the meeting. Opposition parties at time opposed giving Pakistanis abroad the right to vote via the Internet. PPP chairman  And Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari had said that it is not possible for vote to be cast in Paris & result to be changed in Multan.

Social media is no less than a playground for expatriates & here they often express their views on Pakistani politics. A large number of overseas Pakistani consumers have criticized the current government move while some citizens believe that those Pakistanis abroad who really need to vote could return home.

Has the government deprived overseas Pakistanis of the right to vote?

On the bill introduced by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Murtaza Javed Abbasi Law Minister Nazir Tarar said that resources were not available for electronic voting and overseas voting in general elections & bill was passed despite opposition resistance.

During the meeting on Friday he said that the purpose of electoral reforms is only to prevent the election from being stolen. The previous government didn't take into account the parties involved in electronic voting machine.

Money can be sent electronically but not votes.

Did PM Shahbaz Sharif government deprive overseas Pakistanis of right to vote?

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There is a large number of overseas Pakistanis on social media who seem to want to participate in the next general election through internet i.e. e voting. As London based journalist Ehtesham-ul-Haq writes, Overseas Pakistanis also want right to vote. They're not just your ATM machines. 

In this too a number of overseas Pakistanis as far as social media is concerned openly announce their support for PTI former PM Imran Khan from time to time.

As Dr. Fatima writes Nine votes means nine remittances. Overseas Pakistanis should immediately stop sending remittances to Pakistan. That's decent thing to do & it should end there. 

Aini points out that electronic voting machines have not been tested so they cannot be used in elections. & overseas Pakistanis are not barred from voting. But long distance voting is prohibited. Citizens of the country have to go to their constituencies to vote so why give priority to Pakistanis living abroad?

A user named Shanze thinks that overseas Pakistanis should not get right to vote. Are they aware of the economic situation in the country? Are they assisting in its production and investment? They just want to change our politics by looking at things in the media which is wrong.

Some users have reacted sarcastically to new edits.

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As Dr. Jameel-ur-Rehman says, We need your dollars not your involvement in political system. Just send dollars. Demonstrate in front of embassies & Avonfield apartments.

Syed Ali Musa Gilani wrote that Overseas Pakistanis always had the right to vote. All they have to do is return to the flight & cast their vote. In response a user named Sohail replied Do you think money can be sent electronically but not a vote?