Finally add cut copy and paste shortcuts support for Google Drive files

 10 years later this shortcut support is available to users 

Technology: Sometimes a service or app adds a new feature that you can not believe was not part of it until now.

Finally add cut copy and paste shortcuts support for Google Drive files

Google recently announced that web version of Google Drive is introducing cut copy & paste keyboard shortcuts support for files.

Google Company said in a blog that you can now use copy cut & paste keyboard shortcuts like Control C Control X and Control V to move files from one place to another.

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Blog adds that this will help you save time by copying 1 or more files while moving your content to multiple tabs in just a few clicks.

It is hard to believe that this was not possible with Google Drive but it does not end there.

If you copy a file from Google Drive to another document or email Address this file will become a link & also a title.

Additionally you can create file shortcuts so that you do-not have to copy & paste the same file over & over again.

According to Google these new keyboard shortcuts are being released to users immediately & will be available to every one from June 4th.

And yes these shortcuts will only be available on Google Chrome browser if you use different browsers it will not be possible to do so.

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By  way Google Drive has-been around for more than Ten years now &  if you are already accustomed to working without these shortcuts then it will not make much difference.