Dr. Shirin Mazari sent a special letters UN

 Dr. Shirin Mazari sent a special letters UN

PTI has raised the issue of blasphemy with the United Nations

WebDesk UN : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf PTI has taken up the issue of blasphemy cases registered against its leadership with  UNITED Nations special envoy.

Islamabad: Senior Central Leader Member Core Committee and former Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shirin Mazari sent a special letters UN . A letter was sent to the United Nations Special Envoy for the Protection & Promotion of Freedom of Expression under Resolution 34/18 of  Human Rights Council.

Dr Shiri Mazari :Under Resolution 40/10 of the Human Rights Council the 2nd letter was sent to the delegate for  protection of religious beliefs. Under Resolution 35/15 of the Human Rights Council a third letter was sent to Extra judicial Summary & Arbitrary Murder.

Dr. Shiri Mazari Latter UN :A special letter was also sent to United Nations UN  High Commissioner 4 Human Rights detailing the government undemocratic tactics.

The letter said that Pakistan is a responsible member of United Nations a state bound by international treaties &  law.

Dr Shiri Mazari said  government has appointed an alleged killer of a terrorist ally as caretaker Minister of Internal Peace who has-been using  blasphemy card against political opponents at  state level selectively targeting certain journalists after heavy media closures. The process of making is also underway.

Dr. shiri Mazari further said that the real face of the crime minister & his government will-be shown to the world.

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