Cases against Arshad Sharif and other journalists: There are threats that you will be kidnapped when you go to Balochistan for trial

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court IHC has directed federal capital police chief and deputy commissioner not to hand over journalists to local police without permission of the court in cases registered against them in different parts of country.

Cases against Arshad Sharif and other journalists High Court

The Islambad High court passed  order on petitions filed by journalists Arshad Sharif Sami Ibrahim & anchorperson Moeed Pirzada.

The court ruled that restrictions on freedom of expression were unconstitutional & would not support any unconstitutional action.

When Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Mr Athar Minallah heard bail application filed by Arshad Sharif petitioner's lawyer Faisal Chaudhry said that he was not in touch with his client. He could not reach the court, however Arshad Sharif later appeared in court.

He claimed that more cases were being registered against his client & cases were being registered against him in Sindh & Balochistan to which the Chief Justice remarked Journalists have-been targeted for last three years. is going.

Petitioner counsel said that cases have also been registered against other journalists Sami Ibrahim & Imran Riaz to which head of the bench remarked Will.

Cases against Arshad Sharif and other journalists High Court

Lawyer Faisal Chaudhry said that assuming that all these cases are taking place on the orders of Foreign Minister then what will-be the effect of this. On this Chief Justice said that such cases have-been registered in the past as well. Are

There are threats that you will-be kidnapped when you go to Balochistan for trial.

Petitioner Arshad Sharif while talking to British news said that according to his information seven cases have been registered against him so far & all these cases have-been registered in Sindh and Balochistan.

He claimed that there are threats over the telephone that you will-have to go to court in connection with cases across the country & at the same time it is being said that when you go to Pishin etc. in Balochistan. If you are taken away you will-be kidnapped on the way. 

Cases against Arshad Sharif and other journalists High Court

Arshad Sharif said that for the last 75 years a mindset has-been trying to silence journalists through coordinated efforts.

In  past same mindset has registered cases against Absar Alam & other journalists Anton said.

Arshad Sharif said that when the FIA ​​launched an investigation against him Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah called him and said that his party & government had nothing to do with these cases.

Appreciating role of journalist community he said Journalists organizations are united on the issue of freedom of expression keeping their differences at bay & they stand with journalists against whom cases-have been registered.

Our government has no role in prosecuting journalists

Federal Interior Minister Rana San aullah has said that his government has no role in the cases registered against journalists.

Speaking to the British newshe said: His party has always supported freedom of expression so how can they use such clever tactics to ban journalists from speaking.

Federal interior minister of Pakistan says his party has tolerated criticism & that he respects journalists who criticize current government or his party.

He said that arrest of PTI leader Shirin Mazari by the anti corruption agency had nothing to do with  government.

Rana Sanaullah said that  case against Shireen Mazari was registered when Usman Bazdar was in power in Punjab.

What happened in the court hearing?

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When Arshad Sharif appeared in the courtroom during the hearing of the security bail petition Chief Justice High Court questioned him as to what he had done so that cases were being registered against him. They are being told they will be taught a lesson.

He said it was also being said that he would be kidnapped along the way. The Chief Justice remarked that another journalist Matiullah Jan had also walked for a few days.