Why MNA Mohsin Dawar was not included in the federal cabinet?

Federal cabinet announcement: Why Mohsin Dawar was not included in the federal cabinet Of Pakistan?

The cabinet of Prime Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif's coalition government has taken oath. So are all the political parties & independent members in this cabinet represented?

Why Mohsin Dawar was not included in the federal cabinet?

Was Not  Mohsin Dawar the leader of  National Democratic Movement NDM included in the cabinet because of his position on Waziristan and the people of Waziristan in  National Assembly Of Pakistan?

Mohsin Dawar : This is a difficult stage for a coalition government but political parties & members of the National Assembly expect the government to give them equal representation in support of their government.

According to media & social media reports for the cabinet  name of Mohsin Dawar a member of the National Assembly from North Waziristan District formerly a tribal area in Khyber Pakhtun khowa KPK was included, but the names that came to light 4 cabinet on Tuesday They are not included.

Similarly the Balochistan National Party BNP has also expressed its concerns. The Awami National Party had earlier announced that it would not join  cabinet.

The no confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan was joined by all parties & allies with the then opposition and the no confidence motion was won by just a few votes. MNA Mohsin Dawar and MNA Ali Wazir 2 members from Waziristan were also involved in  no confidence motion but were not given any ministry.

When contacted about this MNA Mohsin Dawar said that Shahbaz Sharif after taking oath as Prime Minister had told him that he wanted the cabinet to be announced as soon as possible. She had said that she wanted to join cabinet.

Mohsin Dawar said that he was asked 4 suggestions in this regard & said that the PML N committee would contact him & he had given his suggestions regarding  cabinet & also stated his position.

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He said that after this there were tweets from some senior journalists on social media that the establishment didn't want MNA Mohsin Dawar to be included in the cabinet. After that a senior leader of the Pakistan Muslim League said that there are some such issues and at the same time a political party in the PDM doesn't want me to be included in the cabinet.