Why is leaked video trending in Twitter About Pakistani Politics

 Why is leaked video trending in Twitter About Pakistani Politics

Leak Video Or Audio: Former PM Imran Khan had expressed fears in an interview that then opposition could tarnish his image in days to come. After which the impression is being taken that there may be a risk of any video or audio related to them going viral.

Leak Video Or Audio : This photo taken in Moscow in October 2021 shows the logo of the United States American social network Twitter on the screen  smartphone. In Pakistan leaked video has been in the top Ten trends for a long time.

Twitter punctured the hacker Indishell car

ISLAMABAD : audio leaks that were released by aindishell  hacker have-become focus of all politics in Pakistan these days. Regardless of who they are against or whose truth they are testifying to it is deeply disturbing how such sensitive data was leaked. The alleged hacker has offered this data for sale on the dark web which is bringing out various rumors regarding the negotiations. The audios that Indishell hacker has leaked so far were done through Twitter but now his alleged account has been taken over by Twitter. has-been closed.

Dishonesty & dishonesty of any race have to be paid with interest

VIDEO: audios were leaked by a hacker named Indishell GP after which various fake accounts were created in his name. Meanwhile original hacker account remained hidden somewhere. An account with a similar name also claimed that more audios would be released on September 30 but no such progress was made.

Although new audios were not promised by the original hacker aindishell but majority of Pakistanis were hopeful that more audios would come. Now that hacker has not released new audios hacker is being made fun of on social media. One user wrote that the hacker had the entire nation behind a truck light but Twitter punctured his car.

Why is leaked video trending in Twitter About Pakistani Politics
Why is leaked video trending in Twitter About Pakistani Politics

Leak Video Twitter Trending :For the last 2 days in Pakistan there has been a trend on Twitter called Leaked Video  reason 4 which is not understood but so far more than 24,000 tweets have been sent.

Most consumers are tagging this trend with rhetoric about political situation.

Leak Video Twitter Trending :No recent video or audio has surfaced in recent days but a trend is being run on social media Twitter under  name of video leaked which is being attributed to former government figures. Are there

The emergence of video & audio recordings has become a norm in Pakistani politics over  past few years. Political parties continue to release such ( audio videos ) to demean others. But in recent years issue has become more serious. Especially since the PML N leader Maryam Nawaz had released a video of the late Accountability Court Judge Arshad Malik convicting former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on the media.

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Then Maryam audio was leaked in the PTI Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government in which she was heard instructing various channels not-to release advertisements during  previous regime. He also verified the audio record himself.

There have been videos & audios of judges and politicians before. Alleged videos of Chairman National Accountability Bureau NAB Justice Retired Javed Iqbal meeting with a woman also came to light. Earlie an audio recording of former Justice Mr Qayyum was leaked in which his conversation with the PML N leadership was recorded.

In addition videos attributed to celebrities from various showbiz have gone viral.

Leak Video Twitter Trending : The new trend Leaked Video has been in the top 10 trends for a long time. Apparently supporters of PTI Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf & PML N Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz are using hashtag leaked video in every tweet without any reason. Many users are claiming that they have such a video. It told users that if they retweeted their tweets they would be sent the video but only a few did.

Earlier this month  former prime minister had expressed fears in an interview to a private TV News anchor Arshad Sharif that the then opposition could tarnish his image in the days to come. His statement gives the impression that any video or audio related to him may be viral.

Former PM  Imran Khan's social media spokesperson Dr Arsalan Khalid while talking to News Desk  said that such trends on social media are insignificant & no 1 takes interest in them unless  facts are being discussed.

New Audio leak :

Imran Khan New Audio Leak

PM Shahbaz Sharif Audio Leak

Bushra BiBi Audio Leak Viral in Social Media  With Arsalan Khalid.

Attempts were made by PML N media cell officials to discuss the matter but no response was forthcoming.

Why is leaked video trending in Twitter About Pakistani Politics

Why is leaked video trending in Twitter About Pakistani Politics

Leak Video Twitter Trending : Speaking on t issue anchor person Tanzeela Mazhar said that videos & audio recordings about personal life have-been used in the past to discredit anyone in Pakistani politics & now videos of former ruling party leaders and leaders & Audios are also feared to be coming because this has-been the case in past.

Speaking to IU News Desk Tanzeela said that allegations of bugging and releasing videos 4 recordings of political figures have-been leveled at  agencies & such pressure has been expressed several times.

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