Video : Dua Zahra Kazmi in Okara police custody video message surfaced: I am an adult married willingly

Video Statement Dua Zahra :Case of Dua Zahra Kazmi a girl who went missing 10 days ago from Karachi has taken a new turn & now  police of Okara district of Punjab province say that Dua Zahra Kazmi  &  the boy claiming to be her husband Zaheer Ahmed  are in their custody.

video message Dua Zahra Kazmi in Okara police custody

Video Statement:Okara police have also released a photo in which couple can be seen standing with a Punjab police officer.

Video Dua  Zahra : According to Okara District Punjab Police Officer Faisal Gulzar Dua & her alleged husband are currently in the custody of Haveli Lakha Police Station. DPO said that Dua Zahra Kazmi had also filed a harassment petition against her family in Lahore &  therefore she would not be handed over to Karachi police yet.

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Meanwhile Punjab police spokesperson said that Dua Zahra Kazmi and Zaheer are being brought to Lahore from DPO office Okara under protection of Lahore police team while Karachi police has also been informed in this regard & IG's instructions. According to him cooperation is being extended to Karachi police.

video message Dua Zahra Kazmi in Okara police custody

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Video Statement :According to DPO Okara Faisal Gulzar Dua has also released a video statement. In this statement position of Dua is that she had left home of her own free will and she has got married to a boy named Zaheer.

Dua zahra Kazmi Case: Faisal Gulzar further said that Dua Zahra Kazmi & Zaheer Ahmed became friends through PUBG video game three years ago.

In the video released by the Lahor Police  police Dua Zahra Kazmi is saying that her parents were trying to force her to marry someone else which she didn't agree to. She claimed that she was subjected to domestic violence after which she voluntarily returned from her home.

Video Dua Zahra : I was not abducted. I didn't bring any valuables from my house. My family is misrepresenting my age. I am an adult I am 18 years old. I have voluntarily got married to Zaheer Ahmed. There is no coercion. Please do not bother me I am very happy with my husband in my house.